An Old Friend Returns With New Tricks - Paint it Back Updated

By Joe Robinson 22 Jul 2016 4

Back in 2013, Owen declared Edward Brown's Paint it Back to be the Word/Puzzle game of the year.

In his own words:

It's maybe the simplest game we've given any coverage to this year: it's just nonograms, a basic puzzle familiar to anybody whose dad ever bought them a 99-cent puzzle book to keep them entertained on a road trip, or who played one of Nintendo's popular Picross titles. But you can take a simple idea and make it shovelware, or you can make it something amazing -- and that's what Edward Brown did with Paint it Back.

It must have been something special, because it even won a Bronze Award over at Pocket Gamer.

Edward recently reached out to us here at PTHQ with news that the game had received a pretty hefty update, bringing the title officially to version 2.0. Highlights include a free bonus room titled “2016 US Election”, a Master-level difficulty mode, new achievements and an undo/redo button.

Looking through the list of changes, we have to say the one we're most looking forward to is “Lots more changes”. If there's one thing that gets our OS running, it's 'Lots more' of things.

The game is still free-to-download, but the amount of free paintings you get has increased to 75. A one-off payment of $2.99 / £2.29 will unlock the whole game. You can also unlock individual parts for $0.99 / £0.79 each.

Paint it Back iTunes Store Page

Here is a more recent promo trailer for you enjoy while you mull it over:



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