The Android beta of melancholy space exploration game Out There is now available

By Owen Faraday 16 Jan 2014 0
Won't you come. Won't you come.

Hey, remember last month when I jumped the gun and said you could get immediate access to the Android beta of Out There, except you totally couldn't because it wasn't ready yet?

Well now you can. No iOS version yet -- but it's coming soon.

I was over-excited about the prospect of you being able to play Out There. I'm not a soulless robot, people. I have feelings. And those feelings about Mi-Clos Studio's forthcoming space exploration game are powerful indeed. Space has never looked as lovely as it does in Out There's watercolors, and isolation you feel as you cannibalize parts of your ship to find a way home is powerful stuff.

When I complained to Mi-Clos director Michael Peiffert that I'd posted the trailer after the jump too many times, he obliged me with the exclusive screenshot you see above. Here's what Peiffert had to say about it.
"There are planets near the black hole in this picture, because there is a technology in the game that lets you turn stars into black holes. In the process, this will terminate life on any garden planet in the system and turn it into a rocky planet. Sad :(

But why turn a stars into black holes in the first place? One reason is that there is another technology that let you travel between 2 black holes: the Wormhole Generator! This will allow you to travel into the 4th dimension (or negative space) and make huge jumps through the galaxy."

Android users can get a feature-complete beta of Out There right now with a $4 pre-order -- but Peiffert tells me that only about a fifth of the planned content is in right now. The game will be out for iOS and desktops in "early 2014".

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