Android: You can get Ticket to Ride, Talisman & Mysterium on the cheap [Update]

By Joe Robinson 29 Aug 2018 3

Update: An eagle-eyed reader has found out what the Talisman expansions were that are part of the bundle. We've updated the copy.

Us Android users get a bit of a love today, as we’ve spotted a way you can get some quality mobile boardgames on the cheap via Humble Bundle.

I know, I know – those guys are usually just about getting cheap Steam games, although they have done mobile specific bundles in the past. This latest offer is PC focused, but it comes with some Android-only extras that you guys might be interested in.

At the $1 tier, you can get both Ticket to Ride AND Mysterium on android, as well as PC steam keys for Mysterium, Sentinels of the Multiverse, and the Ticket to Ride Complete Collection.

IMG 2316

Currently, Ticket to Ride is selling on Google Play for $4.99, while Mysterium is £3.99.

If you stump up for the average, which at the time of writing sits at $5.86, you also get Talisman: Digital Edition and 2 DLCs - The Reaper & the Frostmarch - on Android as well. This tier also offers steam keys for Talisman with the Highland and Dungeon expansions.

In terms of other PC games, this tier offers keys for Pathfinder Adventures, the Asmodee digital re-imagined Carcassonne game and The Shattered Timelines expansion for Sentinels. There is a third tier, but no Android games are being offered.

Talisman News

Talisman: Digital Edition currently sells on its own for $3.99, with the two expansions going for $2.99 each. So in total you could get three games and two DLCs with a combined full-price value of $19, for just under $6!

If you’ve yet to pick any of these up (and don’t mind the steam games to boot), this might be something to look into.

At the time of writing, over 26K bundles had been sold and there is thirteen days left until it expires.



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