Another patch comes to Pathfinder Adventures; still awesome, still buggy

07 Jun 2016 8

Back when Pathfinder Adventures launched it was riddled with bugs and, yet, still managed to be one of the best games I've ever played on a tablet. Obsidian has been on top of things, trying to squash as many of the creepy-crawlies as they can, but every patch seems to fix a few things while breaking a few more. For example, the last major patch added more content with the Hook Mountain Massacre adventure deck, but there are problems with some of the individual scenarios not wrapping up when they should. Today, Obsidian released another patch, a smaller one, to fix some of the major issues. Is it completely bug free now? Not by a long shot, but as Dr. Leo Marvin wisely stated: Baby Steps.

If you've played the game, you've come across a bug at some point. Here are the patch notes for this latest hotfix. Take a look and see if your particular issue has been addressed:

Progression Breaks

  • Here Comes the Flood: Fixed an issue where you couldn't explore if an undefeated Nightbelly Boa was at the top of the deck


  • Seelah no longer sees the future when using Inspired Grace while recharging a card, or performing certain location checks

Quest Mode

  • Additional fixes implemented for Quest Mode saves that cannot be loaded


  • Saves pre-1.0.3 can now be synced to the cloud


  • Here Comes the Flood can no longer be won by forfeiting [Note: This fix may roll-back any gold that was gained by winning the scenario through forgeit]


  • Daily Gold: Timer reworked to resolve issues with the timer being incorrect. Timer has been modified from PST to UTC. 


  • Connectivity messaging now easier to close

It's not a lot, but we'll take what we can get. It's still a fantastic game, and while the bugs are annoying, they haven't stopped me from running group after group through the adventures and Quest mode. In fact, forget the bugs, just get me the next adventure pack, Fortress of the Stone Giants! I really want to try out all the new powers we unlocked at the end of Hook Mountain Massacre!



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