App Store Developers Have Earned Over $50 Billion USD - Tim Cook

By Joe Robinson 04 Aug 2016 6

A bit of 'Bizness' for you today – Apple CEO Tim Cook has been informing Twitter about how much money developers have made through the App Store. I believe the scientific term is a metric **** ton.

“@AppStore developers have now earned over $50 billion! Congratulations on your success and such inspired creativity.”

That's a lot of money right there. As Develop pointed out, a report released earlier in the year estimated that 2.5 million apps have been launched on the platform to date, with roughly 500 new releases every daily. The average price of a game these days is currently $0.55. I guess no-one told Heroes of Normandie, which was released last Friday. Read our review [4/5]

Tim also went on to state that July was a “record-breaker” for the App Store as more money was paid out to developers than ever before.

... 500 releases a day? I guess we better pick up the pace. How many games do you think we can review in a day?



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