Apple seems very pleased with themselves right now

By Joe Robinson 08 Jan 2020 0

It’s easy to speculate and talk about the App store as an outside observer, but I always find it more interesting to look at how companies like Apple talk about themselves in official press blasts. Granted, it’s PR and must always be taken with a grain a salt, but it’s still interesting nonetheless.

One such press release has just come through from Apple, talking about how the company has done over the past year (with a few insights of the past decade or so as well). They talk about everything from the App store to Apple Music & Apple Pay, but naturally only a couple of things are relevant to us here.

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As far as the App Store is concerned, it seems that since the launch of the store in 2008 developers have earned over $155 Billion USD. A further note claims that a quarter of that ($39-ish Billion) was earned in 2019 alone. Other numbers being shared:

  • $1.42 billion was spent between Christmas Eve and New Years Eve 2019 (up 16% on the previous year).
  • $386 million was spent New Year’s Day 2020, which is a 20 percent increase over last year and a new single-day record.

There’s no information as to how these numbers are split - as we’ve seen in terms of evolving trends the past couple of years, it’s easy to imagine most of this money is going to free-to-play titles. Probably Fortnite.

Apple Arcade is mentioned as well, but there’s nothing worthwhile to be shared. No numbers in terms of subscribers or anything like that, which is a shame. There was a commitment to adding “new games and expansions every month,” though.

So, Apple’s doing well then. Yay? I guess? It’s hard to know how to really feel about this information as an outlet that focuses primarily on a subset of games that many say is on the decline. Numbers like this probably won’t help matters if you’re a company looking at that number and worrying your share is too small.

If any developers fancy sharing some of their profit numbers for 2019, even if it’s just in terms of how it relates to that total figure, you know where to find me!

What are your thoughts on the App Store right now? What did you buy during the holiday period (or on New Years Day, if that was you?). Let us know in the comments!



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