The App Store is Dead, Long Live the App Store

By Joe Robinson 02 Aug 2018 5

Well, this is one way to start your day I guess. After sitting down at my desk, one of the first things I spy on the official PT twitter feed is this Op-Ed from Touch Arcade’s Eli Hodapp.

It’s pretty self-explanatory just from the headline:  Overnight, Apple seem to have decided that they no longer need the iTunes Affiliate Program. Hodapp posts an image of an email he received from the Partner Program email address. I can confirm I have the same email as well – the program will end on October 1st, 2018.

App Store Aff

Apple cite that the new App Store is apparently so super-awesome they don’t actually need us to highlight the good games for you anymore. I would respectfully beg to differ, but it’s not like we’re in a position to argue.

What this means for Pocket Tactics

I’m not going to lie, it’s annoying. The affiliate revenue is not insignificant, although it’s nowhere near what it was in days gone by. Since Owen sold PT to Slitherine, and especially since our little group was acquired by Network N, we’ve largely gone back to the good ‘ol fashioned advertising model that we all know and love.

As an example, you’ll have noticed a couple more ad units have appeared on the mobile version of all the websites. Hopefully it’s not too much but let me know if you have any thoughts on that. The iTunes money is something I’d rather not lose, but it hasn't been our main source of income for a while.

If you want to help

We don’t have a Patreon like Touch Arcade, nor do we run our own events like Pocket Gamer. All we can really ask is that you white-list us on any ad blocker you may be using, and just keep coming back to the site and taking an interest in what we do. I dare-say we are still highly relevant to your interests, no matter what you may think of me or the past couple of years.

This definitely marks the end of an era for sites like ours, but we will adapt. We’ll still try to tell you about games that are actually worth your time, and we’ll still be trying to find new ways to bring people to Pocket Tactics, because business.

Thank you to everyone who’s supported us via App purchases so far.

Remember, everything will be working as normal from now until October 1st, so please do keep buying your apps via our links! Might as well get what we can, while we can.



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