Apple to Start Cleaning Up App Store - Will Remove 'Problematic' Apps

By Joe Robinson 02 Sep 2016 4

Yesterday we posted up the first part in a two-part series Kelsey has been working on regarding the challenges of preserving digital content. We live in the an age where it's theoretically easier than ever before to preserve almost anything for future generations, and yet there is real danger of countless digital creations disappearing into the night, never to be seen again.

It seemed apt then, given this current discussion, to share with you some developments from Apple. Hats off to TouchArcade for the original story. 

Apple have decided that will be getting hands-on with the old and “problematic” apps that clutter the App store. From September 7th, Apple are implementing two new policies which allegedly originated from iOS developers:

Quality Apps

“...there are also apps on the App Store that no longer function as intended or follow current review guidelines, and others which have not been supported with compatibility updates for a long time.”

Developers of such apps are going to be notified, and then anyone who doesn't remedy the situation to Apple's satisfaction will be removed.

Shorter App Names

There is now a 50 character limit on app names, which is mainly to combat developers making their names especially long with keywords to try and boost their search profile.

TouchArcade note that these changes do coincide with the iOS 10 public release as well as the implementation of 'Search Ads', which does exactly what you think it does.

While cleaning up the App store is probably necessary, we feel there's an extra step that could be taken here to preserve old games, perhaps in some kind of vault or secondary store area where it's less about trying to make money and more about just making sure these apps stay accessible for people to download.

Do you play any old apps still that you think might be a target for this new criteria? What are your thoughts on shorter App names? Let us know in the comments below!



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