Armello is full of ambition (and dour-looking animals)

By Owen Faraday 19 Sep 2012 0
An anthropomorphic adventure. An anthropomorphic adventure.

The Verge alerts us to the existence of Armello, the debut offering from splendidly-monikered Aussie devs League of Geeks. The trailer below sports some lovely (if somewhat emo) art direction and animation but it's all teaser - The Verge's featurette is a bit more nutritious. Armello is "a 3D digital multiplayer card and board game for tablets set in a fairytale animal kingdom", and League of Geeks director Trent Kusters promises that "[a]nyone who enjoys Magic: The Gathering and Settlers of Catan will definitely be interested and impressed by what Armello has to offer." I've no idea what that means but those are all words that I like.

All kidding aside, this video is one of the most assured and professional trailers I've ever seen for a mobile game. Let's keep our eyes on this one. Armello is due out in 2013, check The Verge or the Armello website for more.



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