iOS 4X Ascendancy Not Coming to Android

By Owen Faraday 04 Apr 2012 0
In a post on their Facebook page, blast-from-the-past 4X devs Logic Factory have (somewhat passive-aggressively) cast doubt on their classic space strategy title Ascendancy making the jump to Android anytime soon. The game was Logic Factory's PC debut back in 1995 and after almost 17 years was ported to iOS last year.

Responding to what they said were inquiries about Ascendancy on Android, Logic Factory posted,

"While we would love to develop for every platform out there, this article shows just a few reasons why we have to stay focused on iOS development while making sure Ascendancy evolves through free updates on the App Store."

The post links to a NextWeb article about Android fragmentation. Check out the whole post here on Facebook.
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