Asmodee Digital will be taking their boardgames to Switch

By Joe Robinson 07 Jun 2018 2

Granted, we’re not really ones for Nintendo Switch coverage here at Pocket Tactics, but I think you’d agree that Asmodee Digital are a company worth keeping an eye on.

Not content with owning or publishing as many digital boardgames as it can get its hands on, the company is now setting its sights on new frontiers. Starting with Carcassonne in the winter, Asmodee will be bringing their digital catalogue to Nintendo Switch.

switch carcassonne

“Carcassonne is the first Asmodee Digital title of many to follow on Nintendo’s platforms,” says Pierre Ortolan CEO of Asmodee Digital. “This partnership is based on Nintendo’s need for new user experiences, and Asmodee Digital’s continued goal of bringing great board game IPs to new platforms.”

Now, granted, I’m sure we’d rather see Asmodee Digital’s 2017 remake of Carcassonne come to iOS instead (we suspect TheCodingMonkeys have that store locked down with their version), but at the very least those of us with iPad and iPhones who also happen to own a Switch can now get in on the action.

No word yet on which titles may be following Carcassonne – in-development titles like Scythe or Terraforming Mars are likely to be out before the medieval tile-placement game makes its move, so last-minute Switch versions seem unlikely.



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