Auro 2.0 now on Steam, coming soon to mobile

19 Apr 2016 0

When we reported that Keith Burgun's fantastic Auro was making its way to the big screen by heading to Steam, we thought that was the whole story. We were wrong. Turns out the version that landed on Steam is Auro 2.0 which is an entirely new beast. Not only that, but version 2.0 is coming to the iOS/Android version very soon.

Over the weekend Dinofarm Games posted the patch notes for Auro 2.0 and the list is, frankly, crazy. This patch doesn't add a few new things and tweak what was there, instead it sounds like an entirely new game. The game now revolves around something called the "Bumping Games" where Auro goes head to head with other princes and princesses which will allow you to meet characters as you play and promises a bit more feedback as you progress. Remember that 30-stage tutorial? It's gone. They've included a "silent tutorial" which means you can just jump in and play and learn while you go. 

It's just as crazy from a gameplay perspective. When monsters are bumped into the water they now spawn a "monster tile". They're the same as every other tile, other than their color reflects the points earned. Squids have been removed from the game as well.

This is a much, much more elegant answer to “abusing a funneling situation” than Squids ever were, and it’s also much more effective. The way Squids worked meant that you could always funnel two monsters, at the cost of spawning a Squid. But generally speaking, players just paid that cost happily, so it didn’t really work. On top of the increased elegance, this rule also means that maps are dynamically changing throughout the map, which has strategic ramifications.

That's just the tip of the iceberg. Seriously, you could spend an hour going through these patch notes with a fine toothed comb. If you're an Auro fan, you probably should. Head over and check them out. The 2.0 version is available now on Steam and according to Dinofarm will "be coming, in full, to Mobile relatively soon". We'll be here.

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