Austen-tatious: Regency Love for iOS isn't your usual adventure game

By Owen Faraday 21 Jan 2014 0
Slow down there, Curtis. I'm not that kind of girl. Slow down there, Curtis. I'm not that kind of girl.

Samantha Lin is telling me about Regency Love, an adventure game set in 19th-century England which came out last month for iOS. "We hope we have created something that can be enjoyed by women who love to read," Lin says, "and who wish to be transported back into polite Regency society."

Did you get that? Regency Love is a game about being polite. Not every adventure game needs to be about untangling a murder, or stymying the return of The Great Old Ones, or saving fantasy kingdoms from fantasy problems.

I'm probably not the target audience for Regency Love, whose website teases the chance to "dance, practise the piano, or perhaps embroider a handkerchief". But I love the fact it is exists, and that you can buy it. The App Store is an amazing bazaar of ideas right now, and only PC gaming rivals its diversity of subjects and themes. And maybe I shouldn't be so quick to rule myself out as a Regency Love player, either. "We have had several male users and testers so far, who have all enjoyed the experience," says Lin. Hey, I dig Downton Abbey.

Regency Love is the first game from Sydney-based devs Tea for Three, who've been advised by Inkle, the makers of Sorcery!, our 2013 Interactive Fiction Game of the Year. It's available for iOS right now for five dollars. Watch the trailer after the jump.

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