Avenge yourself: Isle of Bxnes trailer

By Owen Faraday 30 Aug 2013 0
Hard hammer. Percussion reduction.

Look at this remarkable thing: Whalenought Studios' trailer for their forthcoming iOS & Android action RPG Isle of Bxnes -- that's pronounced "bones", by the way. This is a game about neolithic people -- you need to moderate your expectations for their ability to spell.

You're a caveman who's arrived on the titular island with his tribe, which you must explore to gather the resources your tribe needs to survive: trading with friendly NPCs and killing the less-friendly ones. If and when you die, you can continue the game as one of your sons -- an echo of this year's PC phenomenon Rogue Legacy. You can also apparently have a wild boar as a pet. Just like in real life.

Watch the trailer after the jump. Isle of Bxnes is due out for iOS & Android "in the next couple of months" and is in beta right now.

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