Back to basic: War Heroes on Kickstarter

By Owen Faraday 05 Oct 2012 0
Kairosoft gets hard. Kairosoft gets hard.

It's easy enough to snipe at Kairosoft for their ceaseless cavalcade of identikit games, but you can't deny how they've inspired devs over the last few years. The highly-anticipated Star Command is often shorthanded as "Kairosoft meets Star Trek" and we've seen scores of lower-quality clones like Campaign The Game attempting to replicate the formula.

But for as many games I've seen described as "Kairosoft crossed with x", War Heroes is the first one I've seen that purports to gel Kairosoft together with X-Com. War Heroes for iOS is a Kickstarter pitch from Baldwin Yen, a games industry vet ("I'm oddly proud of being co-designer for
War Heroes is exactly what Kickstarter used to be about: not the overambitious ideas that are as likely to turn into class-action suits as they are finished products or the celebrities looking to put together enough funds to raise the Titanic - just a regular joe with a good idea and the chops to pull it off. Baldwin Yen needs an artist before we can play this game of his, and I'm going to kick a few bucks his way.



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