It’s About time: Bad North to invade mobile on October 15th

By Joe Robinson 03 Oct 2019 1

You may remember me mentioning before how worried I’ve been about the Nintendo Switch stealing games that would have been perfect fits on mobile. Bad North, from Plausible Concept, was one of the games I had in the back of my head whenever I bring up this concern.

Before they partnered up with Raw Fury, we’d been expecting some kind of mobile release for this game as it’d been a long-standing member of our ‘Upcoming Games’ lists. But when release finally came around, Switch and PC were the orders of the day, and mobile news was worryingly absent.

Now, finally, we can breathe a sigh of relief. The Vikings ARE coming to mobile to take all of our things:

To re-cap, Bad North is a self-proclaimed ‘Micro’ real-time strategy game where you’re managing a very small force of troops, defending small(ish) islands from waves of blood-thirsty invaders. It’s a game where positioning and type-advantage is important - you want the right unit in the right place, but you want it there ahead of time.

Other than that, there is some light perma-death and management elements as your forces gain experience and gold. You can level up their abilities, and pick up new troops along the way to bolster your forces (which will need time to heal if they get battered). It’s a pretty cool game, and you read our PC review over on Strategy Gamer.

The game’s actually gotten a lot better since we looked at it, and the mobile version will include all of the free content added as part of the ‘Jotunn Edition’ update that was deployed earlier this year.

Bad North will be launching on iOS and Android on October 15th. It’s not coming to Apple Arcade, although publisher Raw Fury think the concept is “neat”.



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