The Banner Saga 3 is coming out for every platform except mobile this July

By Joe Robinson 19 Apr 2018 0

People, I’ve got some good news and some bad news. The good news is we have a concrete release date for The Banner Saga 3. Alex was mightily impressed by the first game’s mobile port, and Tof had nothing buy good things to say about the sequel.

The third and final instalment of this Norse-inspired tactical RPG tale is most definitely releasing on July 24th, 2018. With out a doubt. 100% Fact.

The only problem is, it’s releasing on literally every other platform EXCEPT mobile. If you’re a PC gamer, a console nerd (PS4 & Xbox One), one of the five people who game on Macs, or even one who partakes in that new-fangled Nintendo Switch thing, you’ll be fine.

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If like us, you prefer your games in iOS or Android flavours well… tough. There’s been little concrete information either rather regarding a mobile port – a concept that I imagine gets a bit muddied now as the Switch is technically ‘mobile’. It hasn’t been ruled out either though, and with the previous two games getting tablet and phone iterations we’d be surprised if Stoic let us down at the last hurdle.

While The Banner Saga released simultaneously on mobile and PC, there was a five-month gap between The Banner Saga 2’s release and the iOS & Android versions.

We’ll bring you more news as It comes. The Banner Saga 3 is currently available for pre-purchase on PC and Mac, where you get a pre-order bonus.



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