Bastion returns and is currently Free on iOS for a Limited Time

By Joe Robinson 05 Nov 2019 1

You may remember back in September we gave you the heads-up regarding Bastion, Supergiant Games’ popular action-RPG and one of 2012's best mobile games. Due to the transfer of publishing rights from Warner Bros to Supergiant themselves, the original iOS version needed to be delisted. If you had it on your device at the time you can still play it, but if you don't you won’t be able to access that version of the game or your save-game data anymore.

Fear not though, it’s already returned in a new version.

That nu Bastion is free-to-download where you get to play the beginning for free. A one-time unlock IAP is needed for the full game, but that is currently also free for a limited time - it will be $4.99 at full price. This new version comes with iCloud save support, Game Center achievements and new game plus, amongst other improvements.

The only downside from switching over to this new version is that you can’t keep your save-game data. Supergiant published a full FAQ back when the news first broke about Bastion, if you still have questions, otherwise as mentioned the new listing is available to download at your leisure.

When was the last time you played Bastion? Do you plan on giving it another go? Answers on a postcard!



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