Battle of the Bulge: It moves

By Owen Faraday 26 Jun 2012 0
The most exciting Kickstarter of 2012 for iPad wargamers has to be Battle of the Bulge. The clean, modern lines of BotB's art direction convinced over a thousand people to part with their money to fund its development.

The working development build you can see in this video demo proves that Battle of the Bulge is more than just a slideshow of pretty pictures. The video is narrated soporifically by Shenandoah Studios's Eric Smith and runs a full five minutes - don't watch the whole thing if you're operating heavy machinery this morning. But the real message is clear: Shenandoah are not reading Dan Brown novels in Cancun and tipping the margarita girls with your Kickstarter money - they are hard at work on Battle of the Bulge.


Battle of the Bulge is on track for a late summer release. Will it be here before Panzer Corps arrives?



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