The Weekender: Much Ado About Nothing Edition

By Joe Robinson 11 Jan 2019 5

Things are settling back to normal here at PT HQ - it's still going to be a bit slow in terms of content this month, but we're getting there. We'll probably have some filler reviews next week, followed by more recent stuff as it comes out. I've already earmarked a few games arriving later this month to target.

We're also going to be looking into some more guides. Our 'Best Mobile Wargames' feature should finally be coming towards the end of the month, and I'm going to try and give our Android readers some extra love as well. Also, a special surprise guest will be making a return towards the end of next week!

Meanwhile, in the world of mobile games...

Out Now

Silent Abyss – Fate of Heroes (iOS Universal)

Only one game really caught our eye this week, and sadly it’s only out on iOS. Silent Abyss is a card-based roguelike, echoing elements we’ve seen in other beloved Pocket Tactics games – One Deck Dungeon, Meteorfall etc… If you play much on PC, there's been several comparisons to Slay the Spire as well.

You choose two heroes on each play-through, and each one will come with their own suit of special cards. Additional cards with equipment, spells, etc… can be acquired midgame. It bills itself as being quite challenging. So far it has two IAPs – Hero unlocks for the Warlock and the Archer. It’s unclear whether you can unlock these heroes through play.

silent heroes


Carcasonne Official Board Game (Android) (Review)

This update actually dropped just before Christmas, but we’ve only just spotted it (sorry). Asmodee Digital’s currently Android-exclusive version of hit boardgame Carcasonne got a new update and DLC. The Winter 1.7 update added new AI behaviours and a stronger 4th AI, and the Traders & Builders expansion was also added to the game as an IAP.

Old School Runescape (iOS Universal and Android

I’m sure we’ll get around to reviewing this game eventually (sorry), but in the mean time if you’ve already jumped in, you’ll be pleased to know the classic version of Runescape got a major content update yesterday.

The Kebos Lowlands have been added to the game, which come with a new town, a new dungeon, new quests guilds and rewards. Content for OSR has to be approved by the community first, and this new update got a 95% approval rating from the community, so you know it must be good.

meteorfall challenge

We’ve also heard that Pocket Tactic’s GOTY – Meteorfall – will be getting a new update soon. We’re not sure when, but it will introduce daily challenges. You can read more here.


Agricola (iOS Universal) (Review): $1.99

Hit board-game Agricola is going for a couple of bucks on iOS, although it is also available on Android.

Among the Stars (iOS Universal & Android) (Review): $2.99

One of 2018's best board/card game releases is going cheap on iOS and Android, although it's a little bit more expensive on Google Play.

Siralim 3 (iOS Universal & Android): $2.99

Another RPG we didn't get around to, people generally have said good things about this collect-em all monster catching game, and it's currently enjoying a small discount.

Seen anything else you liked? Let us know in the comments!



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