The Weekender: Outlaw Edition

By Joe Robinson 08 Mar 2019 5

Well I don’t know about you guys but I’ve had an enjoyable week – we managed to get some key reviews online and there’s been some interesting new games to pad out one’s collection, depending on your preferences. It feels like we’re finally getting out of the slump that struck the start of the year, at least.

Don’t forget to check out our competition for a chance to win a free iOS code for Shieldwall Chronicles, by the way! First competition we’ve done in a while so you don’t’ want to miss out.

Meanwhile, In mobile gaming…

Out Now

Pirate Outlaws (iOS & Android) – Full review coming soon!

Our main game highlight of the week is this roguelike/card game hybrid that features turn-based combat. We’ve always got a lot of time for card mechanics here and there’s been some very interesting games that play around with roguelike concepts, so we’re hoping this one can live up to the emerging genre hits.

There are six playable characters, each with a pre-made deck. A further 250 cards and 80 relics are available to find and collect within a procedurally generated world. A unique feature appears to be the presence of ammunition, whereby you’ll have to make sure your abilities or attacks are ‘loaded’ before you use them. It’s worth noting that while the base game is only a dollar, there are IAPs covering the various in-game resources & currencies. We’ve got someone working on a full review of this so we’ll let you know the full score ASAP.

PS4 Remote Play (iOS and Android)

Utility and gaming-adjacent apps is something I’ve thought about covering more of here – after all, we all have interested beyond just mobile gaming and the great thing about mobile is that you can get apps that support your other hobbies. As a PS4 owner myself, the recently released PS4 Remote Play app on iOS would in theory be right up my street... except I’m not on iOS. Sadly, the Android version only supports Sony-made phones and tablets. Guess I’ll just have to play my PS4 on an actual TV, like a pleb.

If you are an iOS user and have a PS4, however, this might be relevant to your interests. Reports vary on how well the app performs, but Mikhail Madnani over at Touch Arcade has done some testing which is worth a read. Personally, I wish they’d bring back the second-screen initiative a bunch of games dabbled with half-a-decade ago, but there you go.

Tides of Time (iOS & Android) – Full review coming soon!

This isn’t actually due out till tomorrow (who launches a game on a Saturday? I mean really!), but I don’t want to sit on this for an entire week until the next Weekender update. I'm flagging this up to you now instead, although note we don't have store links at the time of writing. Hats off to Dave for pointing this out – I would have missed it otherwise.

This is a two-player micro-game that involves card-drafting, set collection and combos to score victory points. The premise is you’re laying out the wonders of your Kingdom through time, with each round representing an ‘Age’. As time moves on, your achievements crumble but you get to keep one card from the previous round as a kind of ancient legacy to inform your future strategy.

I’ve actually got the physical game and it’s a relaxing, fun experience for two people that can be played quite quickly and only requires some light record keeping. It’s not something you can play a lot off, mind, but It’s a good a candidate as any for a digital conversion. According to the devs it’ll feature solo-play vs. and AI, as well as hotseat multiplayer with a friend or loved one.


Unless I’ve gone blind, there doesn’t appear to have been any updates of note this week but do let readers know in the comments if you’ve spotted something I haven’t. One thing: Even though Shieldwall Chronicles launched its' 1.03 update yesterday, 1.04 has already been released to fix some critical bugs that cropped up.


It’s not a great week for sales of note, unfortunately, although as a nice change of pace we actually have an Android-exclusive sale to flag up this time around:

Rusted Warfare RTS (Android) (Review): $0.99 

This hidden gem of an RTS game came out in 2012, but we only did our official review in 2017 after the developer decided to launch the steam version. It’s a great strategy title that pays homage to the genre greats like C&C. If you’re still wary, there is a Demo version you can try as well.

Evoland II (iOS & Android): $0.99

This is one of those games that we keep talking about but have never formally reviewed. This RPG adventure title about playing your way through different game genres is going for just a buck.

Seen anything else you liked, played any of the above? Let us know in the comments!



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