The Weekender: Token Edition

By Joe Robinson 19 Apr 2019 5

It’s a Bank Holiday here In the UK, so for various reasons this is an incredibly token edition of The Weekender – apologies! Quite honestly though, I’ve not been taken by this week’s release slate so you’re not really missing out on much.

We’re coming up towards the end of the month now, but there’s still some goodies still left to drop – Richard is working on another game compilation, There’s a couple more reviews to drop, and Nick’s working on a Beginner’s Guide for Hades Star, mainly as a test to see how popular that game is at the moment.

Meanwhile, in mobile gaming…

New Release: Egypt: Old Kingdom (iOS & Android) – Full review Monday!

So you may remember from the March 29th update we talked about the release of Egypt: Old Kingdom, the follow up to Predynastic Egypt? Turns out that was a mistake and the developers accidentally launched it on iOS.

We had to delay our review since the game was due to go through a few more updates, but I can confirm that it’s officially slated to release today, if it’s not already out. Our review will drop Monday once Matt’s had a chance to check out the released version.

Update: Star Traders: Frontiers (iOS & Android) (Review)

Our favourite Sci-fi RPG has been awfully quiet this past month, but for good reason – the brothers Trese have been working on adding Carriers and small craft to the game. The update officially hit the Steam version earlier this week, with the Android and iOS version expected to drop soon – basically, the moment Apple/Google approve the updates. Just in time for Easter! (Hopefully - the update still hasn't turned up yet.)


We let you know about one Easter Sale earlier in the week, but there are plenty more!

  • Acram Digital are discounting their modest catalogue of games on both iOS & Android, which includes the excellent Eight Minute Empire.
  • Ironhide are running discounts on their most recent TD game, Kingdom Rush: Vengeance, as well we Iron Marines on iOS & Android.
  • SteamWorld Heist is half price once again on iOS, and last but certainly not least, both Fighting Fantasy Legends games are also going cheap.

That’s all we’ve got time for this week – hope you enjoy your weekends and normal service will resume next week!



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