The Weekender: The Bear & the Maiden Fair Edition

By Nick Vigdahl 17 Aug 2018 0

Welcome to the Weekender, your weekly look at the best new games, sales, and updates. We've got a few new games and content updates, including a great action option. This week's sales feature a host of RPG options as well as a Civ VI price drop.

We’ve had a bunch of great content pop up on the website this week; refreshes of a couple of  key guides mark the start of a new season of updates. We‘ve got new ones in the pipelines, but we’re going to get more regular with updating older stuff as well. A good week for reviews too – from King and Assassins to Football Manager Touch 2018. We’ve also been trying to keep on top of important news, like Rome: Total War’s iPhone release date.

Out Now

Barbearian (iOS Universal) (Review)

The highlight of the week is action-RPG Barbearian. Combat is frenetic and features huge hits against massive hordes of enemies, loads of fun and effective special weapons, and challenging tactical choices. Check out my five-star review for more info on the game.

Mars Power Industries (iOS Universal) – Full Review Coming Soon!

Mars Power Industries is a minimalist puzzle game, which means there's no high scores, no time limits, no stars…just you and the puzzle. You goal is to build powers stations in a Martian colony such that power is supplied to all buildings. As you play a mystery is revealed through the game's imagery. It's a very chill game and would work nicely for more laid-back gaming sessions. 

The Draugr (iOS Universal) - Full review coming soon!

The Draugr is a tabletop card game where reanimated dead with magical powers invade and seek to corrupt the town of Stjørdal with their foul influence. You play as a revenant hunter who has come to protect the town and slay the Draugr. To win you have to slay four of the six Draugr.

The game is played out over two phases. In the first phase the Draugr spread their corruption and in the second the hunter tracks and attempts to destroy them. The game plays pretty well and I like the simple yet attractive graphics. It does work much better if you understand the game going in. The rules are referenceable but there isn't much of a tutorial.



Pocket Run Pool (iOS Universal) (Review)

Zach Gage's take on pool games, Pocket Run Pool, just got a nice content update. Two new payout tables and five new betting conditions have been added, which increases the options nicely. Pocket Run Pool is free with in-app-purchases to unlock certain features. It's well worth a look.

Mini Metro (iOS Universal and Android) (Review)

Mini Metro is a great simulation/puzzle game where you must build a train system for a well-known metropolitan area and handle increasingly savage congestion. Several new features have been added since launch and now a new one is available: Challenge Mode. In it you pick an achievement challenge and attempt to build your metro under some additional constraints.


A Noble Circle (iOS Universal: $Free)

Amirali Rajan's minimalist RPG/adventure A Noble Circle is surprisingly deep for a two-dimensional game. It's also full of surprises and thought-provoking story. Oh, and its free right now, so there's zero reason not to grab it!

Beholder (iOS Universal and Android: $1.99) (Android: Free)

If you're ready to make some tough choices in a grim, dystopian future now's your chance. Beholder, a game where you run an apartment building and must spy on and rat out your unpatriotic neighbors, is on sale for $1.99 (normally $5).

Jade Empire (Android) (iOS Universal: $4.99)

Aspyr Media has a nice sale going with its mobile RPG catalog. We'll kick it off with Jade Empire, currently half off. It's inspired by the myths and legends of ancient China and full of places to explore and plots to uncover.

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic (iOS Universal and Android: $4.99)

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is a little dated at this point but has long been enshrined as one of the best RPGs of all time. It's also half off and worthy of inclusion in your mobile-game collection if you're into Star Wars, RPGs, or nostalgia.

Civilization VI (Full game IAP) (iPad: $23.99)

The big-hitter of Aspyr's lineup is also on sale. Normally $60, you can unlock the full Civ VI experience for your iPad for $24. The in-app content packs, normally $5 to $9, are also on sale for $2 to $3.  If you enjoy Civilization and want it on your iPad, this is a great deal, as the mobile port is really quite good.

Seen anything else you like? Played any of the above? Let us know in the comments!



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