The Weekender: Absolutely Everything Edition

By Joe Robinson 28 Jun 2019 3

The amount of stuff I’ve had to pack into today’s update pretty much sums up our week in general. Between Harry Potter, the exploding Auto Chess craze plus all of the usual suspects, we’ve been kept very busy. Doesn’t look like Niantic’s Pokémon GO successor is taking off quite as much as many thought it would – we’ve got one or two more articles in the pipeline, but I think I’ll take a step back and evaluate after that.

Auto Chess now… you guys really seem to be enjoying that, and I’m glad because it fits our sensibilities a bit better. Might be a bit slower to the punch than other websites but expect to see more coverage on that over the next week or two as well. I’ve also switched a bunch of the guys over to review-work for the short term, just to make sure we’re keeping on top of that.

Meanwhile, in the world of mobile gaming…

Out Now

Tharsis (iPad) – Full Review Coming Soon!

Clearly, the only thing that could make a game about managing a spaceship on its way to Mars even better is if everything was going wrong from the start and your job was actually just to make the most of an increasingly dire situation. Choice Provisions know this, and now you can know it as well with this space-themed turn-based strategy game.

Using board-game inspired dice-mechanics, you can only do what your dice-rolls allow you to achieve in any given turn. It’s going to be difficult and there will be losses, but as long as you can make it to the Red Planet, I’m sure all those sacrifices won’t have been in vain. And hey, there’s always cannibalism, right?

Void Tyrant (iOS Universal) – Full Review Coming Soon!

Oh look, another rogue-like deck-building game! To be fair, we’ve been waiting on this game since last year so it’s not like Armor Games are yet another mobile studio jumping on a popular trend. Unlike other recent releases in this niche, Void Tyrant bases its card mechanics on the principles of Blackjack and uses a ‘stick or twist’ system for its core gameplay.

This is a single-player experience with over 500 cards and three classes. You can play it completely free with ads, or, pay a single $5 IAP to unlock the ad-free version of the game.

Graveyard Keeper (iOS Universal & Android) – Full Review Coming Soon!

The only release this week of note on both platforms, Graveyard Keeper is a medieval management sim in a similar vein as Stardew Valley, except not really accurate at all and with a wonderfully macabre twist. You’re mainly running your own cemetery but can expand into other ventures as well and will probably need to find shortcuts in order to save money. I mean, those dead bodies aren’t being used anymore, right?

If you thought that Stardew Valley was a bit too serious and were up for something more bonkers/suited to your weirder tastes, this may be the alternative you never knew you needed. It also sports “proper” quests, crafting and a love story, so we’re told. Look out for our review either end of next week or start of the week after.

Also going to drop a quick note saying that Harry Potter: Wizards Unite has now been rolled out to more territories since its debut last week. TouchArcade has a really comprehensive list of known countries, in case you need to look yours up.

News You Can Use

This might become a regular addition, it might not… there’s just a fair few ‘news-y’ thing I haven’t gotten around to looking at this week, and instead of letting them drift away into oblivion might as well summarise them her:

New Games of Thrones game Beyond the Wall

This actually sounds quite neat, in the same way Ubisoft’s Elite Squad announcement from E3 seemed to kind of be touching on the strategy/RPG mobile space (although I’m telling you, auto-battlers is the way to go). Beyond the Wall puts you in charge of the Night’s Watch, manning one of the castles along the wall. You need to recruit (read ‘collect’) characters and form a ‘squad’ that you use in PvE battles beyond the wall, or in an as-yet undefined PvP mode. Pocket Gamer has a full interview if you want to read more about it, although we suspect this will be free-to-play. Pre-registration is open now via the official website.

Meteorfall Sequel Krumit’s Tale

One of our favourite card/roguelike games Is getting a sequel! Meteorfall: Krumit’s Tale will we imagine be more of the same gameplay we know and love, but with new dungeons and new settings. It’s coming to Steam early access first, so we don’t know what the timetable for a mobile release is.

Battle Chasers: Nightwar Pre Order

Looks like we’re getting another decent turn-based RPG soon as well. Battle Chasers: Nightwar may not have the most inspiring name, but it’s earned a decent reputation for itself on consoles. Now it’s coming to mobile as a premium offering. It’s available for pre-order now on iOS, and pre-registration on Google Play.


Titan Quest (iOS Universal & Android) (Review)

Action-RPG Titan Quest has received an update this week. Additional localisation has been rolled out for Japanese, Chinese, Korean and then Ukrainian and Czech. For iOS users, full screen support for iPhone X or similar is now a thing, and some bugs with iOS 12 and up have also been fixed.

Star Traders: Frontiers (iOS Universal & Android) (Review)

Star Traders' latest update hasn’t quite rolled out to both platforms yet, but it’s out on Android at least. As well as some additional AI updates to prepare it to use carriers, the team have also included some neat quality of life UI changes to help legal traders do their job more efficiently. There’s also some new outfits.

Auto Chess: Origin (iOS Universal & Android)

There’s been a big update rolled out to Auto Chess’ official mobile version. A new race called ‘God’ has been introduced, with two pieces – Mars and Zeus. There’s four new items and two new modes (at least one of which is only available Friday till Sunday). You can also create Custom Games which can help you train against bots (although there is a crash bug with that still). There’s also been a massive pass at optimising certain mechanics to make them less fiddly, especially around synergies and levelling up pieces.

There’s also been a minor update for Auto Chess’ chief rival, Dota Underlords which looks at bug fixing and the UI. Don’t forget to check out the tips guide we released at the start of the week!


And if the above wasn’t enough, there’s quite a few summers sales happening this week as well, especially in the world of board games. We’ll try and recap some of the more interesting ones:

  • The Holy Potatoes! games are currently enjoying a discount, so make sure you check them out if you haven’t already.
  • 2K have discounted both XCOM: Enemy Within and Civilization Revolution 2 to $1.99 on both iOS and Android. Absolute steal!
  • Acram digital have discounted a bunch of their digital board games on iOS and Android, including the DLC!
  • Same is true for Asmodee Digital on iOS and Android. A great day if you’re a digital board gamer.
  • The latest Kingdom Rush game, Kingdom Rush: Vengeance is currently discounted, as are all of Ironhide’s past games on iOS and Android.
  • Handelabra have discounted their titles on iOS and Android, including One Deck Dungeon.
  • Stardew Valley is on sale for only the second time since its release, on iOS and Android.
  • Last but certainly not least, The Warlock of Firetop Mountain is on sale for the first time since December.

Seen anything else you liked? Played any of the above/ Let us know in the comments.



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