The Weekender: A Spy Story Edition

By Joe Robinson 15 Mar 2019 2

It’s been an interesting week as far as looking into the future goes – between potential Pokemon Go successor Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, and this morning’s news that a big PC mod is being ported to mobile, I’m hoping the free-to-play space will get its act together and give us some half-decent experiences for a change.

Until and if that happens though, we’ve got you covered with reviews of premium games like Card Crusade and Heroes of Flatlandia. Board games especially are getting better and better, with more on the way. We’ve already got reviews of Assembly and Tides of Time waiting to drop next week, but that’s just scratching the surface of what 2019’s got in store.

Meanwhile, in mobile gaming…

Out Now

Stardew Valley (iOS & Android) (Review)

Probably the biggest highlight of the week is the news that Stardew Valley has now finally hit Android. Make sure you check out our review for our full thoughts on the game, but just in case you’ve not heard of this before it’s a game where you spend your time either tending your farm or exploring a dungeon for crafting materials (for the farm). There’s some relationship building thrown in there for good measure as well. The mobile version specifically now enjoys some platform-suitable improvements which the android version is getting from the off. 

Battle Fleet: Ground Assault (iOS Universal) - Full review coming soon!

Mythical City Games return with another entry in their turn-based strategy/war game series Battle Fleet with a land-war focused entry, Battle Fleet: Ground Assault. Owen was rather luke-warm on the previous entry, 2014's Battle Fleet 2, and's Bill Gray reviewed this latest entry on PC last year. He was a bit on the lukewarm side as well but then this is a heavily abstracted experience - it only features tanks, for starters, and is definitely more on the 'arcade' end of the war/strategy spectrum. Still, it does some interesting things with hidden movement and range finding, and I always thought it seemed more suited for mobile audiences.

The iOS version is priced at an incredibly premium $9.99, so we'll try and get you a full review as soon as we can to see if this one measures up to the rest of the genre, but for the curious here's a gameplay trailer:

Cartoon Network Arcade (iPhone)

Cartoon Network has put out some decent enough mobile titles, all things considered. Last year’s Teen Titans GO! Figure was especially engaging, and once again shows what you can do with a popular IP if you’re not just out to make a quick buck.

The Cartoon Network Arcade isn’t a game per se, but an app that features a collection of mini-games based around popular IP, and there’s an collectables aspect to it as well. There’s also supposed to be some interactivity features with regards to getting unlocks while watching a show at the same time. The app is free so it doesn’t cost you anything to explore if for yourself, but we felt it was worth a mention given how well CN treats mobile gaming at the moment.

Updates & Pre-Orders

Holy Potatoes! A Spy Story!? (iOS Universal)

Daylight Studios have entertained many a mobile gamer with their charming blend of deep, action-filled games and potatoes. It’s been over a year since Holy Potatoes! We’re in Space!?, and now the developer has released a new title on PC – Holy Potatoes! A Spy Story!?

Desktop warriors aren’t the only ones who get to enjoy this new spudtastic experience however – the game will be coming to iOS on March 28th. Pre-Orders are available now, if you want to spend the $4.99 on it now, otherwise the game (and our review), will drop at the end of the month. Not sure if it’ll be coming to Android, so far only Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop!? Has crossed that divide.

Fortnite (iOS & Android)

Those still keeping up with the mobile version of Fortnite might be interested in the changes that have come in the recent 8.10 patch. As well as adding in a new vehicle (The Baller, which looks like… well, a ball), vending machines and a new map marker, this update has also change the competition pool.

Now, mobile and Switch users are lumped in together, instead of Switch users competing against their console brethren. I’m not so sure this is doing mobile users any favours – reports suggest the Switch and mobile versions are basically the same, but I would have thought the Switch interface was closer to a controller than it was a mobile touch device. Time will tell, I guess, but if you suddenly start winning/losing more, this may be why.


Lots of sales on either one app store or the other this week, which is a shame, but let’s round up what we have:

Codito Development (All items $0.99)

These guys are having their own catalogue sale on iOS at the moment, and you can get the following games for just a buck:

Meanwhile, there are two games we spotted going cheap on Android (but not their iOS counterpart) that you may be interested in:

Strike Team Hydra (Review): $0.99

Hydra was Wave Light's most recent game prior to the release of Shieldwall Chronicleswhich we enjoyed. It's the developer's usual tactical RPG flair, but with more sci-fi. 

Planescape Torment (Review): $5.99

Not sure why Beamdog chose to discount this game specifically, but there you go - half price on Android. Did you know they're working on a digital adaptation of the Axis & Allies table-top wargame?

Seen anything else you liked? Played any of the above? Let us know in the comments!



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