The Weekender: Burgundian Edition

By Joe Robinson 01 Mar 2019 1

Feels like its been a decent week, overall – we reviewed Gem Rush, Knights of the Card Table and Wars Across the World next week, also excellent additions to their respective genres. Content wise we’re a bit a of a crossroads as, apart from just making sure we review things and certain things like our Guides stuff, we’re unsure what else would be of use to the mobile audience.

Mobile gaming in general is changing, and it’s important we try and adapt with it  - what form that takes though, is something we’re looking to experiment with – if you have any thoughts or suggestions, do let us know.

Meanwhile, in mobile gaming…

Out Now

Castles of Burgundy (iOS & Android) – Full Review Coming Soon

Ideally, we’d already have a review of this live by now, but unfortunately, we got our code a bit last in the day. No matter – Matt’s on the case, and we’ll bring out our full thoughts as soon as we can. Castles of Burgundy is an iconic Euro-style boardgame where players must compete to develop the best holdings in 15th Century Europe. It uses a basic dice mechanic, and there are many routes to victory – the winner is the player who gets the most victory points.

The app sports plenty of features we like to see in digital ports: varying AI difficulty for solo, cross-platform multiplayer, asynchronous and hot-seat options a tutorial and plenty of language options. At $8.99 its at the higher end of the price spectrum, up there with Terra Mystica, but DIGIDICED are a known quantity in digital boardgames, so you can be sure it’ll be worth the price.

Card Crusade (iOS & Android) – Full Review Coming soon

After a two-month stint in early access, this rogue-like deck building game is now out in the wild. It lists Slay the Spire and Pixel Dungeon as inspiration and features retro graphics. We didn’t get a chance to test this one out before today’s write-up, but the game features eight different classes, & ten floors to explore. Changes from the early access version include 20 new cards, balancing to the final three floors, a better scoring system and changes to how Altars work. We’ll bring you our full review as soon as we can.


Shieldwall Chronicle (iOS Universal)

Our review for this is still incoming, but while we wait the game’s already been updated to fix some high priority bugs. Namely, stability & performance issues a number of 2GB and 3GB devices have been settled. Along with our review, we’ll be doing a code giveaway sometime next week, so stay tuned!

Kingdom Rush: Vengeance (iOS & Android) (Review)

Everyone’s favourite controversial Tower-Defense RTS received a free content update the other day. The Subaquatic Menace takes you three new stages, where you must help Vez’nan defeat King Polxy and his subaquatic army. Plenty of new content, including new enemies, a new hero and a new tower.


Also, some of you may have noticed that the PC version of Armello received a big ‘2.0’ updated this week. I reached out to the developers regarding whether or not the update would be coming to the mobile version, and here is what they had to say:

"We would like to, though we are genuinely unsure at this time. The mobile version of Armello is an interesting beast and is very different to develop for. Crunching Armello down into those little devices is a feat that we don’t know that we can undertake for v2.0, and some of the core features, such as many of the menu overhauls, wouldn’t translate seamlessly.

We’re going to evaluate our options and let you know when we can."


Reigns: Game of Thrones (Review) (iOS & Android): $2.99 on iOS

The undisputed best version of Reigns is on sales again, so if you’ve yet to pick it up now might be a good time. Fair warning though – it was cheaper over Christmas, so might be worth waiting for a bigger sales event.

Beholder (Review) (iOS & Android): $2.99

Dark and characterful narrative game Beholder is half price, if you fancy challenging yourself with some really horrible moral decisions.

Out There: Omega Edition (Review) (iOS & Android)

One of our favourite games of yesteryear – 2014’s Out There, is now selling its ‘Omega’ edition for just a dollar. This is an excellent strategy/rpg game from Mi-Clos, and one every mobile gamer should experience.

Seen anything else you like? Played any of the above? Let us know in the comments!



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