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By Joe Robinson 02 Nov 2018 0

As Nick mentioned last week, The Weekender is dead. Long live the Weekender! Or rather, long live whatever will rise to take it’s place. He’s not leaving us, and we still want to let you know what deals crop up, what new games are out etc… it’s just that we may change-up how we do that.

For starters, I’m going to be handling a lot more of it myself which will free up Nick to work on bigger and better things. We’re going to be trying out a new monthly column, and I imagine he will return to reviewing & feature work as well. His first entry of the new column will drop on Friday, November 30th.

For the sake of easing the transition, I've put together a weekend gaming guide myself this week along the lines you're used to. This will probably start changing over time as we figure out how best to deal with the various elements that made Out Now/The Weekender so valuable.

What We’ve Been Up to

As far as the week goes, we kicked things off with our belated review of Stardew Valley, and then followed up with an even more belated review of colourful puzzler ELOH. Yesterday we put up a guide to some quality free games on iOS, and C&C Rivals’ release date was revealed.

What do we have coming up? Well our writers are hard at work, and over the next week (or so), you may see the following:

  • Reviews of Element RTS & Love Letter.
  • An in-depth look at C&C Rivals.
  • Another round of updates to key guides (although I'll try not to do as many, as soon).

We’re also interested in looking at some of the games below, but those articles are unlikely to be turned around in time for next week.

Meanwhile, in mobile gaming…

Out Now

For now, unless otherwise stated, assume that we haven’t managed to get any hands-on time with these games. As we transition to this new world order it will take a while before I can start testing out games as Nick did. Thank you for your patience.

Old School Runescape (iOS Universal & Android) – Full review planned!

One of the headline releases for this week – this classic version of iconic MMORPG Runescape has made the jump to mobile. I remember playing this game back in the early early days, before World of Warcraft came out (Runescape was first launched in 2001, WoW dropped in ’04). ‘Old School’ Runescape is based on an older version of the game from 2007 which was released in 2013 as a stand-alone experience.

It’s a free-to-play game with a subscription option (check the store page for details on what you get), and the development is entirely community driven. For new content to be added to the game, it needs to pass a 75% vote. This mobile port also has cross-platform enabled, so you can play it on any device. Unlike a lot of MMO/RPGs, there’s no central narrative – it’s a wholly sandbox environment, with both PvE and PvP content. And FAQ with more details can be found here.

Football Manager 2019 Touch (iPad & Android)
Football Manager 2019 Mobile (iOS Universal & Android)

Football Manager’s annual release is upon us, and this time it’s come with a slight name change. I’m not sure what the significance is in not having the year at the end, but I’m sure it was super-important.

As a reminder, FM Touch is a streamlined version of the PC game that only works on tablets, where-as FM Mobile is a bespoke game, offering a slim-downed version of Football Manager to account for the fact that it also works on phones. We reviewed FM Touch 2018 a couple of months ago, and changes in the 2019 version include new tactical styles, the inclusion of the German Bundesliga and a new UI interface

New features in FM 19 Mobile include the introduction of licensed kits, new leagues from Russian and China and similar UI enhancements. We’ll get you a review of at least one of these as soon as we can.

Farabel (iOS Universal & Android) – Full review planned!

Another one for the review pile, Farabel is a turn-based strategy game where players start at the end of the story, at maximum power. As you progress through the campaign, you jump back in time and you and your get weaker and weaker as you try and fight to save your city.

It’s an interesting twist on the typical design of a strategy game campaign, and I wish I’d been able to give you some hands-on thoughts. Other features include a challenge mode, a ‘classic’ mode that has you build an army via a points-buy system and see what you can do with it and a ‘defence’ mode.

Squids Odyssey (iOS Universal & Android)

Something different to round-off our new releases – it’s another premium turn-based strategy game, but one with a colourful and unique aesthetic. Squids Odyssey has you building a team of heroic squids to take on crabs and other pesky crustaceans across 90+ missions and a variety of classes and squad combinations.

I’m afraid all we can provide is the trailer, but this might be an interesting break from the usual turn-based tactics games we get… although, you’ve got to really like sea creatures, I guess. We might take a look at this one ourselves at some point.


Pocket City (Review) (iOS Universal & Android)

One of our favourite releases of the year, Pocket City has received a major content update that includes a larger map option for new cities (inc. sandbox), some UI improvements on the new iPhone XS, XS Max & XR and a new ‘Zoo’ structure, to name but a few things. It’s always great to have an excuse to jump in to an excellent game.

Stardew Valley (Review) (iOS Universal)

The seminal farming/rpg sim has had a string of mobile updates since it’s release last week, the latest of which including some stability fixes for mine levels, and control improvements for fishing. Anyone using an iPhone XR will also now have the correct resolution displaying.

A lot of the updates deal with minor bug-fixing and QoL improvements but keep an eye out for the major overhaul coming to the game’s control schemes on mobile. The developers have confirmed these are in the works, but we don’t know when they’ll land. We do know some of the details though, as this updated wiki page highlights. A lot of options there!


Zombie Rogue (Review) (iOS Universal & Android) - $1.99

We weren’t a fan of this one, but plenty of people came out in its defence in the comments so it’s worth highlighting that this has been discounted. Zombie-themed survival horror with a twist.

Heroes of Steel RPG Elite (iOS Universal & Android) - $1.99

One of the Trese Brother’s games, Heroes of Steel is a turn-based fantasy RPG that takes you through a winding, epic adventure as you try to protect the last remnants of humanity. Like most Trese games, there’s a free version you can try, but the premium game is now discounted to just a couple of bucks. Please note, you can’t transfer save game data between the free and premium versions.

Reiner Knizia's Modern Art: The Card Game (iOS Universal) - $0.99

Another Knizia game, we’ve not actually taken a look at this one before, but it’s only a dollar if anyone wants to speculate. It’s described as a card game of management and valuation. You must drive up the prices of your favourite artworks, holding out for the best price.

Age of Rivals (Review) (iOS Universal & Android) - $1.99

A PT favourite, Age of Rivals is discount again to only a couple of bucks. It’s been cheaper but not since June 2017 and that seems like a one-off so far. This is still a fair price for an excellent strategy boardgame.

Seen anything else you liked? Played any of the above? Let us know I the comments!



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