The Weekender: Civil War Edition

By Joe Robinson 16 Aug 2019 2

I’m still unnecessarily upset over the fact that Gundam Battle: Gunpla Warfare still isn’t available in the UK. I mean, gacha nonsense should all get in the sea, but if I’m actually willing to try one out for the greater good of mankind, the least it could do it be available in my region. Oh well, guess I’ll have to settle for Pokemon Masters instead whenever that comes out.

It’s been another list-heavy week this week, so apologies for that, although we did review Beholder 2 and learn that Company of Heroes is coming to iPad. Also, make sure you catch up on what games are still due to release this year. Next week is GamesCom so I’ll be out in Cologne - it may be I’ll need to do some more placeholder content mid-week but I’ll be able to work as normal by and large so if a review or feature does come in, I’ll still put it up.

Out Now

Orc’s Civil War (iPad) - Full Review In Progress

This game came out of nowhere - I have to tip my hat off to Touch Arcade’s round-up for this one as I’d honestly never heard of it until it was released. The game claims to be “the best” iPad RTS game, and it’s a claim I’m eager to put to the test.

It seems very much like a passion project made by a single person, and that person may not speak English as their first language. Still, the graphics aren't too bad all things considered, and it seems to mix elements of RTS and Tower Defence, with some advanced unit behaviour mechanics thrown in there too. We’ll get a review out as soon as we can, since the price point is unusually high. There’s an official website you can check out too.

Spy Tactics (iOS & Android) - Full Review in Progress

This is the other game of note this week - while it’s listed as ‘free’ there’s actually an IAP to unlock the full game. Spy Tactics caught my eye as it reminds me of the GO titles that Square made, which were pretty excellent puzzle/tactics games. This one has a spy/cold war aesthetic which some may enjoy, and boasts over 40 levels with multiple routes to completion.

The trailer is from the PC version on Steam, although admittedly it doesn’t serve as the best advertisement. We’ll see what Michael thinks when he’s done with his review.

That’s about it as far as interesting new games is concerned. I took the liberty of trying out Warhammer Combat Cards after it released this week. It’s… well, not really sure how to describe it. Utterly harmless, but also very skippable. It’s essentially a collect-em-all battle game using cards. Except they’re not really cards they’re just pictures of really nicely painted Warhammer 40K miniatures with some stats. You can have up to three on the board at once, and you fight it out. Winning battles gets you more cards, and if you get a dupe you can use it to upgrade a card… and the cycle continues. That’s it. That’s all you do.

There may be some tactical depth in terms of building your mini-deck and how different cards synergies together, but to be honest it feels like a subtle plug for the table-top game. Another RPG card battler released this week is Traitor’s Empire Card RPG. The graphics aren't amazing, but it’s got a lot more to it and so might be more worthy of your time.

Updates & Other Junk

There’s been a few updates worth looking at this week:

Six Ages: Ride like the Wind received its first update since last November. It introduces a new interactive scene, some gameplay tweaks and fixes, and then improves compatibility for specific devices like the iPhone 4, and the large iPads.

Now that there are several major Auto Chess contenders on mobile, we’re finally starting to see some more creative updates and new modes. Chess Rush is the latest game to try something new with a new 4v4 mode called Squad Clash. It’s similar to the already introduced Co-op mode, just with more people. You can send your pieces to other people’s boards to help them out in their fights. Once Squad Clash has had some time to settle in, it will be put into a rotation with co-op mode where they will alternate.

Pokemon Masters’ impending release can be seen on the horizon, and there’s apparently going to be a lot of us that will be jumping on board when the collect-and-battle game gets its global roll-out. Recent news suggests 5 Million of us have pre-registered for the game across iOS and Android. That’s a lot of trainers.

While we’re sharing trainers, how about looking at some Commandos 2 HD footage? If you’ll remember, we posted up just after E3 about how Kalypso Media are doing remasters of both Commandos 2 and Praetorians, both of which are classic strategy games. While this is mainly a thing for PC audiences, Commandos 2 HD is also coming to iOS and Android. Kalypso recently shared some new gameplay footage (albeit, PC) which I thought you’d all be interested in.


There’s quite a few more sales this week than usual, so let’s run through them. Unless stated otherwise, assume both platforms:

  • Lost Portal CCG (iOS Only) is down to $0.99 for the first time this year.
  • Pocket City has also had its priced reduced for the first time this year on both platforms, but it has been cheaper.
  • Mystic Vale was only released in June, but it’s already been discounted by a couple of dollars on both platforms, probably to coincide with the release of some new DLC.
  • Clarusvictoria are doing a sale on their entire catalogue on both iOS and Android. You’ll remember them recently from Egypt: Old Kingdom.
  • Cosmic Express has had its price reduced for the first time this year, but it’s been cheaper.
  • If there are any Baseball fans out there, R.B.I. Baseball ‘19 is down to $3.99 on iOS and Android.
  • Last but certainly not least, Titan Quest HD is also reduced to just below half price.

Seen anything else you liked? Played any of the above? Let us know in the comments!



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