The Weekender: Pop Edition

By Joe Robinson 23 Aug 2019 0

It may have been GamesCom this week, but mobile gaming could care less about several hundred thousand gamers descending on Cologne to talk about games that aren't on mobile. While I’ve been away plenty has been happening (although not as much in the premium space, which is a shame), so there’s plenty to catch up on.

Meanwhile, in the world of mobile gaming...

Out Now

There’s not much we’d call ‘stand-out’ on the release schedule this week. People say nice things about Gris, although since it’s an Adventure game it’s not something we’d look at in the first instance so I can’t exactly ‘recommend’ it at this stage - it's a premium game on mobile though, which is something.

If you read our review of Void Tyrant but are an Android user, you may be pleased to hear that the game has released a ‘beta’ on Google Play that you can install for free. It’s a bit late to the card game/rogue-like party, but still worth a try if you enjoy those kinds of games.

Also, Gears Pop! Has released on iOS and Android now. This is a free-to-play strategy game in the same vein as Clash Royale, just set in the Gears of War universe. If everyone in the Gears of War universe looked like a Funko Pop. You’ve got to collect the figures, and assemble a Squad, although the mechanics seem kind of intriguing - you play a character to one of two lanes, and they’ll advance until they hit cover. They’ll stay there until they capture the territory and then move on. Different characters then build on this by having different behaviors, abilities etc… and you can also call in things like the Hammer of Dawn to assist you as well.

Might be worth checking out it, might not be. We'll get back to you.

For sports fans, Club Soccer Director 2020 is also a new game that was released recently on iOS and Android. Again, being free-to-play it's not something we’d immediately look at but considering you don’t get many sports games released on mobile I thought it was worth flagging up anyway.

Upcoming Games

There’s actually a fair few upcoming game announcements you might be interested in hearing about, so we’re going to summarize some of them for you here quickly:

Pokemon Masters is due to release next week on iOS and Android come August 29th. Just to refresh your memory, this is a 3v3 battler game that tries to capture more of what the original gameboy games had going for them, instead of being another AR experience like Pokemon GO. You need to collect Trainers and Pokemon and form Sync pairs, then use them to battle other players or the AI in the story mode.

In other news, Tropico is finally coming to Android in a couple of weeks on September 5th.

And finally, Mi Clos is creating a sequel to the excellent Out There, which was released in 2014. Out There: Oceans of Time won’t be coming until Winter 2020, but it’s certainly coming and we’ve got a teaser trailer to get us hyped.


Raiders of the North Sea (Review)

The 1.2 update is already out for the excellent digital port of Raiders of the North Sea. As well as some AI tweaks, Card readability improvements on phones and faster animations, this patch also adds a much needed Pass and Play mode! Huzzah! You can read the full patch notes here.

Santorini The Board Game (Review)

This other excellent board game port has had two smaller updates this week, mainly look at fixing specific bugs related to specific Gods that you can choose in the game.


I like it when there’s a good sales week, means there’s an increased likelihood of excellent mobile games getting into the hands of players who need to play them. Here’s what I’ve got for you:

  • Beholder 2 - we only reviewed it last week, but Beholder 2 is now available for $5.99. It was $4.99 just after launch, but not sure if it’ll drop back to that price anytime soon.
  • Transistor - One of our favourite RPGs, this Action-RPG is available for only a couple of dollars (although it was even cheaper back in February).
  • Rebel Inc. - this is more like it. While Rebel Inc was never that expensive to begin with, it’s now half price for anyone who’s yet to partake. This game is available on Android, but the monetisation structure is a little bit different there. Looks like the IAPs are all discounted too, though.
  • Cultist Simulator - even though this only released in April, it’s already on sale again for the second time and the cheapest price yet. Sadly, this discount hasn’t been extended to Android.
  • Necrodancer: Amplified - the Amplified re-release of Crypt of the Necrodancer is down to $1.99 for the second time since it launched in June.
  • Immortal Rogue - Kyle Barrett’s intriguing rogue-like experiment is on sale for, as far as we can tell, the first time ever. It’s down to below half-price, so now might be a good time to jump in. Again, the discount doesn’t extend to android, sadly.
  • Kingdom New Lands - this fascinating side-scrolling 2D strategy game is down to half price on both iOS and Android, but it’s not the cheapest price it’s ever been, so beware.

Seen anything else you liked? Played any of the above? Let us know in the comments!



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