The Weekender: Nobody Explode Edition

By Joe Robinson 09 Aug 2019 2

I've been away on annual leave this week so Ian's been watching the shop - you'll have noticed a bit more news-type things as a result. Next week will be back on track, and we'll be kicking things off with our Beholder 2 review as well as our monthly check-in with what to look forward to in 2019.

Meanwhile, in the world of mobile games...

Out Now

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes (iOS & Android)

The hit co-op game about defusing bombs and the art of concise conversation has finally landed on our mobile devices. KTBE tasks one person with defusing a bomb, except they don’t know how because they don’t have the manually - luckily their friends brought theirs with them, and so must talk the defuser through the process. But the defuser must also help the Experts by describing what the bomb looks like so they provide the right information.

This is social-orientated party game where only one person needs a copy to play - the ‘Experts’ only need the manual, which is available free online. There is no online support as it’s meant to be a face-to-face affair, which is fair enough. A little on the pricey side all things considered, but boats several challenges and game-modes to keep things fresh.

Rogue Legacy: Wanderer Edition (iOS)

2013’s Rogue Legacy was a high-mark in the rising indie gaming scene, offering a retro-inspired 2D platformer experience coupled with a ‘rogue-LITE’ mechanic of every hero being succeeded by their child, with variable traits and abilities. Now this classic gaming experience has released on iOS.

The Wanderer Edition has been re-designed from the ground up for iOS, sporting the base game and all content released since then, but also a bunch of other new features and a bespoke control scheme. Further details can be found on the YouTube video page.

It’s also worth noting that another classic indie title, Journey, has also released on iOS. Must be the season for it or something.


Steam Link App

The Android Steam Link app has officially left Beta, although we’re not sure what state the iOS version (which wasn’t released until after) is in. The Android app supports over 200 devices, as well as Xbox One and Steam controllers (although other controllers are rumoured to work too, they’re just not officially supported).

It’s recommended you use the app with a 5Ghz Router, with bother the computer and the mobile device being paired being on the same band. There’s a handy FAQ and Troubleshooting Guide made by Valve, if you need more help.

steam link app

Battleheart Legacy has also finally received the long-rumoured update that adds support for modern iOS devices, including the iPhone X. The update note doesn’t really expand, but suffice to say modern iPhones and Tablets should be able to display the game full-screen without issue now.


There’s only two sales of note worth looking at this week:

First off - Star Traders: Frontiers. This excellent sci-fi sandbox RPG was released earlier in the year on mobile and its easily one of our favourite games of 2019. It’s only been discounted once before so far, and now it’s discounted again down to $4.99. It’s worth it even at full price, but if you’ve yet to give it a go we hope this discount entices you. Sadly, this sale doesn’t extend to Android.

Secondly, Rogue Legacy, mentioned above, is enjoying a launch discount until Sunday 11th of August. It’s RRP is $3.99 but it’s currently down to $0.99 - that’s actually a pretty good discount and there’s no telling when it’ll ever be that low again so if you’re even remotely interested, now’s the time.

Seen anything else you liked? Played any of the above? Let us know in the comments!



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