The Weekender: License Holder Edition

By Joe Robinson 24 Jan 2020 0

I thought this week might turn out to be quite interesting after the explosive news regarding Carcassonne (see below), but things seemed to settle down quite quickly. As you’ll read below though, that wasn’t the only franchise that will be changing the guard!

We’ve also caught up on a few reviews this week and then I had a bit of a moment regarding Black Desert Mobile. I’m sorry.

Meanwhile, in the world of mobile games...

New App Releases

It’s another dud weak in terms of releases, however a couple of things caught our eye…

Retro Bowl (iOS & Android)

We didn’t spot this in time last week, but we wanted to give a quick shout out to Retro Bowl. It’s from the developers of New Star Soccer and is themed around the American NFL. You pick your favourite team and manage all aspects of their existence both on and off the pitch.

It’s a ‘free-to-try’ game in the sense that you get to play five games for free before being prompted to pay for the full game, which costs $0.99/£0.99.

Tetris is Dead? Long Live Tetris?

Echoing the news we heard about Carcassonne earlier in the week, it seems EA’s stable of mobile Tetris games are also being replaced by a new upstart. The AAA games publisher was responsible for Tetris 2011, Tetris Premium and Tetris Blitz - these games are still available on iOS but have vanished from Google Play.

We’re unsure at this time if Android users are still able to download the game if they’ve had it downloaded previously, or whether existing downloads still work. The developers have stated officially the games will be retired on April 20th, 2020. At this point even iOS users won’t be able to play them, regardless if they’ve got them on a device or not.

This is where the new challenger comes in. A company called N3TWORK INC. has now released a new free Tetris app on both iOS and Android.

Nu Tetris

They’ve only done one game before - a free-to-play fantasy match-3 puzzle/RPG called Legendary: Game of Heroes RPG, as well as an Apple Watch game called Mafia Watch. That’s nice, I guess? It’s a shame this latest shut-down is more draconian than Carcarsonne but it depends on the terms of the license deal they have.

Best App Updates

On the bright side, there’s a couple of cool and interesting app updates to cover this week. Let’s take a look…

Star Traders: Frontiers

Our 2019 GOTY Winner is still proving it’s worth with another sizable update this week. The main focus is improving how Interdictors fare in battles, as well as adding in three new specialist ships that specialise in anti-craft warfare (‘crafts’ are fighters, bombers etc...)

There’s also been some further tweaks to various talents, as well as an overhaul of the Frontier Liner starting ship. Lovely stuff.

Out There: The Alliance Update

When Out There launched on Nintendo Switch it did so as Out There: Omega The Alliance, an exclusive version of the game that came with goodies like a new ending, new spaceships and achievements. Developer Mi-Clos did reassure everyone though back in November that this content would be coming to other platforms, and now it’s finally out as a free update on mobile. If you haven’t played in a while now might be a great chance to dive back in. We’ve included the Nintendo Switch trailer so you can see what the new edition will look like.

App Sales

  • As a reminder from Monday’s report, TheCodingMonkey’s Carcassonne as well as the other games they’ve made are currently on sale to mark the (upcoming) shutdown of their version of the iOS game. It’s currently half price.
  • To celebrate the big Alliance update (above), Out There is down to just $0.99 on iOS and Android.
  • Football Manager 2020 Mobile & Touch are discounted for the first time since launch - roughly 25% cheaper.
  • Continuing on the sports theme, NBA 2K20 is down to $1.99 on iOS and Android. Not its cheapest price ($0.99) but close enough.
  • We only reviewed it last week, but Dragon Castle: The Board Game is on sale again. The second time since launch and the cheapest price to date.
  • Our 2018 GOTY Winner, Meteorfall, is currently $1.99 again.
  • Everyone’s favourite game XCOM: Enemy Within is also down to $1.99

Seen anything else you liked? Played any of the above? Let us know in the comments!



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