The Weekender: Side-Show Edition

By Joe Robinson 29 Nov 2019 1

Today is all about Black Friday, naturally, so make sure you check out our dedicated post for the latest app deals we’ve spotted. Back in the day when Apple still offered their affiliate scheme this used to be a great day for us, but now it’s less so. Still - public service and all that, and the deals ARE pretty good, so we want to make sure you’re all aware of them.

Apologies it’s been a bit slower on the content front this week - we finally got out Football Manager 2020 review done. It’s unlikely we’ll review the iPad-specific Touch version, in case any of you were wondering. Also, despite having two Apple Arcade Roulette drops in as many weeks, there’s unlikely going to be one next week as I’ve got everyone working on other things. This Arcade thing is still proving a difficult one to tackle in terms of worthwhile coverage, but I hope everyone who is reading our columns is enjoying them.

Meanwhile, thousands of miles away…

Out Now

We’ve struggled to get code in advance of Weekender columns recently, so the below shout-outs aren't based on any actual play-time, but they’ve appealed to us for specific reasons which we’ll go into.

GRID Autosport

We’re not massively into our racing games here, but we are fans of the work Feral Interactive does in terms of porting games to mobile. Company of Heroes next month is what we’re really looking forward to, but if you’re a fan of GRID Autosport you might be pleased to know that it’s finally made its way over to Android. Check here for a list of supported devices and requirements:

Wanna Survive

Any strategy game with a premium price-tag gets a look in here, and Wanna Survive is exactly that. It’s a stream-lined turn-based tactics game which seems to be more puzzle based than anything else. Movement and actions are simplified, and it’s about making using each character’s turn to maximum effect (i.e, kill as many zombies as possible). It looks interesting enough that I might add it to the review list, although be warned there are IAPs for ‘Coins’, and as yet we don’t know what this means. Available on iOS and Android.

Little White Rocket

We got an email about this one earlier in the week. It’s a very mellow, one-touch game where you need to guide a rocket through levels while also reading some inspired poetry. Might be a nice change of pace from all of the action-heavy games we're used to, although this one's only on iOS.

There’s also been a new DLC released for Talisman: Origins called The Eternal Conflict that costs £1.99


Lots of minor updates to various games this week, and of course there’s the big Stardew Valley 1.4 update, but it’s yet to officially hit mobile so we’ll probably cover it in more detail when it does.

Meanwhile DOTA Underlords has received a new update this week that adds a new alliance, and a new quicker gamemode. ‘Knockout’ mode gives players a choice of five pieces to start with, and you’re knocked out when you lose four times. There are other rules like only needing two copies to combine for a four-star, and players level up automatically every other round. Overall matches last about 10 minutes, and Knockout is meant to offer a quicker way to play the game.


Check our Black Friday 2019 Sales post for all the details on today's top discounts.

Seen anything else you liked? Played any of the above? Let us know in the comments!



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