The Weekender: One Hour, One Life Edition

By Nick Vigdahl 24 Aug 2018 1

Welcome to the Weekender, your weekly look at the best new games, sales, and updates. This week features new games and sales across five different genres of games… which means there's something for everyone!

With Gamescom dominating the industry at large these past few days, we thought we'd have a more low-key week: check out our reviews of One More Button and Holedown if you haven't already. Otherwise, we gave our guides to the Best Rougelikes & Best RPGs on mobile a bit of a dust off. Also, did you hear? Reigns is getting a Game of Thrones spin-off! 

Out Now

One Hour One Life for Mobile (iOS Universal and Android) - Full Review Coming Soon!

One Hour One Life for Mobile is a multiplayer survival game where you have to stave off starvation and the cold and craft what you need to survive. Time passes quickly, and the game occurs over many generations. A year happens in a minute and birth to death in one hour, so there's no time to waste. Civilization has collapsed, and it is up to you, your descendants, and other players to rebuild it. It's each generation's job to make things a bit easier for those to come by crafting necessities and securing superior shelter and equipment.

The game is adapted from the original desktop version of One Hour One Life and it's a really cool idea. I like how each generation builds on the next, not just for your particular family but for everybody playing the game in aggregate. It's an intriguing micro/macro dichotomy.

Unfortunately, the controls are too finicky for my liking. You do a lot of swiping in one direction or another and it is easy to do the wrong thing. I found myself making multiple attempts to do basic things and needing to do a fair amount of positioning of my avatar a well. I'd wager it gets better as you get used to it, but I'd prefer that controls weren't an acquired taste. Also, since the game is online multiplayer you can't wander away from the app for long. If you do you'll come back dead (from starvation or having disconnected from the game). This isn't a huge deal if you can make time for good-sized, uninterrupted play sessions.

Powerless (iOS Universal)

Interactive fiction meets simulation in Powerless, an "interactive doomsday simulator." The source of the doom is the sun. A coronal mass ejection is hurtling toward earth and when it hits our atmosphere it will disable electronics the world over. It's into this new world a host of characters awake, and you are put into their shoes to work through a variety of crisis like delivering a baby or landing a helicopter. It's a compelling post-apocalyptic world and has an interesting variety of characters you can get to know and develop. Worth a look if you're into the genre.

Rome: Total War (iOS Universal) (Review)

One of the greatest RTS/turn-based strategy games ever is now available on the iPhone. The app is universal, so you can play on either and share games across them, and the developer videos look great. Unfortunately, the universal part isn't working on my account for some reason, so I'm unable to provide any impressions or comparisons to iPad. I’ll drop something into next week’s Out Now if I can get it sorted out.  

Front Armies RTS (iOS Universal and Android) - Full Review Coming Soon!

Front Armies is a premium real-time strategy game with simple graphics and good but not great gameplay. The limitations are it's not terribly deep and you can only play against the AI or local multiplayer. Still, it's not a bad game and is relatively inexpensive. 


Project Highrise (iOS Universal and Android: $2.99) (Review)

Skyscraper simulator Project Highrise puts you in charge of the growth and management of a building. You decide how to grow—office space, shops and restaurants, hotels, and more—and work to attract visitors and keep your tenants happy by offering the right mix of amenities. It came out earlier this year and is on sale for the first time.

Transistor (iOS Universal: $2.99)

Supergiant's RPG hit, sci-fi title Transistor, is on sale for $3. You wield a weapon of extraordinary power as you fight through a futuristic city in this action RPG.

Chrono Trigger (iOS Universal & Android: $6.99)

Yet another great example from our list of best RPGs, Square Enix's classic dungeon-crawler CHRONO TRIGGER is 30% off. 

Seen anything else you liked? Played any of the above? Let us know in the comments!



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