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By Joe Robinson 24 May 2019 4

We’ve managed to cover a lot of bases this week, which always makes me happy: we started things off with a review exclusive, and we finally reviewed Shards of Infinity. We also had a little play around with the Terraforming Mars mobile beta, which is coming along very well.

As a quick FYI there will be no Weekender update next Friday. I’m away on holiday, and while I’ll be leaving you in Ian’s capable hands, I’m not asking him to put together the full shebang, so you’ll have to do without it for a week. Normal service will resume week after.

Meanwhile, In mobile games…

Out Now

Fort Sumter (iOS & Android) (Review)

We were very pleased to be able to go live with our Fort Sumter review before anyone else, so many thanks to Playdek for giving us that opportunity. In case this has flown by you – Fort Sumter is a digital port of a physical boardgame of the same name that try’s to simulate the tension and machinations that lead to the American Civil War.

This two-player strategy game has all of the tension and nuance of something like Twilight Struggle but is playable in only a fraction of the time, and Playdek have done an excellent job. Check out our review for more.

Fort Sumter Mobile Review

TheoTown (iOS & Android) - Full review coming soon!

We haven’t had a decent city builder to look at it in a while, but TheoTown may just fit the bill. It’s been out on Android for around five years now and has a very dedicated community online, but this new version will be available on both iOS and PC. The new version comes with elevated terrain as a feature, which is something the community has been asking about for a while.

We’ll try and get a full review of this game up ASAP.

Steam Chat (iOS & Android)

It’s not a game, but in a similar vein to the Steam Link release on iOS a couple of weeks ago, we thought we might as well throw this your way as well. Valve have spun-out their ‘nu style’ chat interface (which was designed to combat things like Discord on the PC) into its own app. No voice chat yet, but it’s coming and the app has plenty of other functionality that you’d want from something like this.

Handy if you happen to do a lot of communicating via Steam Chat, as the current Steam Mobile app is rather clunky and difficult to use. It also hasn’t been updated in a couple years now, but Steam have said they’ll be improving its security functions and possible doing something else with it further down the road. 

Steam Chat


One Deck Dungeon (iOS & Android) (Review)

ODD is an excellent card-based dungeon crawler whose only sin was the fact that it was only playable on tablets. Today we’re pleased to report that nearly a year later, the game is now playable on your phones in portrait mode.


There's a fair few sales this week that might tickle your fancy:

  • First up, in celebration of the move to phones, One Deck Dungeon is discounted by nearly 50% on both iOS & Android.
  • One of our past all-time favourite roguelikes, Sir Questionnaire, is currently going cheap on iOS.
  • All of the Reigns games are also going cheap on iOS, although only our favourite – Reigns: Game of Thrones, is also discounted on Android.
  • For some reason, Motorsport Manager Mobile 3 is free on both iOS and Android.
  • And last but certainly not least, Football Manager 2019 Mobile is down to its cheapest price since launch on both iOS and Android.

Seen anything else you liked or tried any of the above? Let us know in the comments!



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