The Weekender: Not A Cult Edition

By Joe Robinson 05 Apr 2019 0

I thoroughly enjoyed going through one of Owen’s old articles earlier in the week – a side-benefit of taking over a site with a wonderful legacy like Pocket Tactics is that from time to time you get to see glimpses of a bygone era. Things that Owen, Dave and the community of the day cared about or were looking forward to and being able to contrast that to where we are now.

It’s the same kind of satisfaction I get from reading about history, and it was especially illuminating to get a peak as to what digital board games were like five years ago. As I said in the update, we looked at that article because a reader asked us too – if anyone else remembers any past features that they want us to look at again, feel free to drop me a line. Happy to do it again.

Meanwhile, in the world of mobile gaming…

Out Now

Cultist Simulator (iOS & Android) – Full review coming soon!

The indie PC cult classic has finally made its way to both mobile platforms. This is self-described as a ‘roguelike narrative card game’ where you must seek out unholy mysteries in a Lovecraftian 1920’s setting. You’ve got to recruit or indoctrinate new followers, craft items and summon spirits.

Cultist Simulator doesn’t have a tutorial as the developers feel part of the fun is learning how to play the game on your own terms, and the roguelike legacy system ensures your experimentation isn’t wasted. Michael’s already hard at work on our review, so look to next week for this thoughts. If you'd rather nor wait, the game is currently running a 30% launch discount!

Dungeon Warfare 2 (iOS & Android) – Full Review coming soon!

We’ve been waiting for Tower Defence RTS Dungeon Warfare 2 since last year, and we’re finally glad to see it’s been released. The original game launched in August 2016, although we didn’t review it at the time. Tower-defence games are often associated with Free-to-Play trappings, but Dungeon Warfare’s premium price-point means it’s managed to escape the stigmatism.

The sequel boasts 33 unique traps, over 30 enemies with special traits, 60+ levels along with at least five boss battles and lots of progression systems, loot and mode variants.


Evolution: The Video Game (iOS & Android) (Review)

Update 1.0.5 is mainly a quality of life improvement, so no new content so to speak. It adds support for iPhone X screens, as well as rewarding players to stick around in matchmade games to the very end if all other human players leave. There’s also been some tweaking as to the nature of Matchmade games.


Project Highrise (iOS & Android) (Review): $1.99

This is an iOS-only discount, Kalypso have discounted their building-simulator to just a couple of dollars. It’s a pretty decent, engaging management sim if you’re looking for something new in this genre.

Crowntakers (iOS & Android): $0.99

One of our favourite Roguelikes is also discounted to just a dollar, although again only on iOS. If it’s any consolation though, the game is naturally cheaper on Android anyway.

Evergarden (iOS & Android) (Review): $1.99

Intriguing garden-themed puzzler Evergarden is now its cheapest price since launch, so if you’ve been sitting on the fence now might be a great time. The discount is only on iOS because the Android version is still in ‘beta’ and is currently available for free.

Seen anything else you liked? Played any of the above? Let us know in the comments!



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