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By Joe Robinson 09 Nov 2018 3

Ok, so maybe the Weekender will stick around a bit longer. I’ve been able to make enough time to take care of it myself (more or less), and this is definitely a worthwhile thing that we enjoy doing. I guess it depends if we should come up with a new name to note the changing of the guard.

Something to ponder over the weekend, perhaps…

What We’re Up To

So… how about that Diablo Immortal announcement, huh? That proved… divisive. The backlash seems reminiscent of the one that followed in the wake of C&C Rival’s announcement, only magnified because this was Blizzcon and everyone wanted Diablo 4 instead.

This week also saw some great announcements – Rome: Total War for Android, as well as Carrier Battles hopefully making it over to Android, assuming the Kickstarter gets funded. We also reviewed the digital port of Love Letter, and RTS newcomer Element.

What’s on the horizon?

  • That C&C Rivals article is still coming, it’s just been delayed to next week.
  • We’ll also have more to say on Diablo: Immortal
  • Not as many reviews – Royal Advisor seems likely, but the rest are due later in the month.
  • More guide updates – definitely more than this week, as there’s been a few games that have earned themselves top spots.

Meanwhile, In mobile games…

Out Now

There aren’t really many high-profile releases this week, especially on Android, but a couple of interesting titles caught our eye:

Cat Lady – The Card Game (iOS Universal & Android)

I actually managed to get some play-time in with this one. Cat Lady is a digital port of a card game of the same name that sees you collecting cards from a 3x3 grid. You need to acquire cats to fill your ‘cattery’, but you also need to collect food for them to eat (so you can earn the points they’re worth), costumes for them to wear, as well as toys. There are plenty of other bonus and special cards as well to offer a variety of tactical choices and routes to victory.

This is a set collection game, and there’s a single, central deck. Once that runs out the game ends you total up the points – person with the most wins. The app itself is very slick and nicely animated, without going overboard. There’s a good tutorial, challenges and a challenge mode, and you can play against up to four AI or four local cat owners in pass-and-play. This is a fun quick game for all ages.

Alphaputt (iOS Universal)

Ok, so it’s crazy golf, but the courses are in the shape of letters. What’s not to love? Local pass-and-play for up to four people, with 26 levels and several different game modes made this an intriguing pick for this week. We especially like the fact that you can type out words which then form the courses you will be playing, adding a touch of personalisation to proceedings. The trailer is a bit much though...

Pangolin’s Puzzle (iOS Universal)

There have been a few puzzle releases this week, but this one caught our eye the most. It’s got a great, painted-effect art style, is mainly based around logic-puzzles (an excellent type of puzzle), and seems to have a very rich visual identity.

It’s although worth noting that developer Hero Factor are donating half of their profits from any IAPs to charities and organisations that look after real-life Pangolins (a type of Anteater). This is a premium game, but we’ve been unable to determine if there are any IAPS currently present, or what they may be. It’s possible they won’t come till later, but the developer says they won’t charge more than $6 for an unlock. Gameplay is estimated at 3 – 6 hours, with bonus unlocks and GameCenter achievements.

Honourable Mention: Persephone (iOS/Android) (Puzzle), Teslagrad (iOS/Android) (Puzzle/Platformer)


There’s only one update of note this week, but it’s a good’un:

Galaxy of Pen & Paper (iOS Universal & Android) (Review)

The sci-fi spin-off of the charming Knights of Pen & Paper, Galaxy was a fun new take on developer Behold’s premise, but it fell a bit short of expectations. Now, nearly a year after release (and plenty of updates in the interim), there’s a new free content job called the “+1” update.

There’s a lot here for fans of the game, including six new classes, new planets and biomes, lots of new quests, skills, items etc… and a better event system, to name just a few things. If you haven’t played this in a while, might be worth giving it another look.


Quite a few sales that might interest you this week, although mainly on iOS. Asmodee Digital, Klei Entertainment and the Trese Brothers all offer discounts on some of their games:

Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked (Review) (iOS Universal & Android) - $0.99 on iOS
Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition (Review) (iOS Universal & Android) - $0.99 on iOS

Klei have slashed the price on both the original and the Shipwrecked version of their iconic survival/sim Don’t Starve. Both are equally as good, although the variations in Shipwrecked are potentially lost if you haven’t played the original. Bear in mind this can be a frustrating and gruelling experience at times as well. The last time the games were at this price was back in February, so while there’s a chance there may be a Christmas sale, I wouldn’t dally if you’ve yet to try this out.

Templar Battleforce Elite (Review) (iOS Universal & Android) - $4.99 on iOS

Last week the Trese Brothers discounted Heroes of Steel, this week it’s the premium version of Templar Battleforce (there is a free version, if you want to try it out). The Trese Brothers have been a dependable staple in premium mobile games, so their work is always worth checking out. This represents a 50% discount and it’s never been cheaper – that being said, the Brothers seem to run this discount fairly regularly so you can always wait for the next instance.

Twilight Struggle (Review) (iPad & Android) - $4.99 
Splendor: The Board Game (Review) (iOS Universal & Android) - $4.99
Jaipur: The Board Game (Review) (iOS Universal & Android) - $2.99

Asmodee Digital have discounted a few of their boardgames this week – Jaipur & Splendor by a buck, with Twilight Struggle getting a discount of a couple of dollars. All of these games pretty much speak for themselves – especially Twilight Struggle – but do check out our review for more information. It’s also worth nothing that all of these games have been cheaper in 2018, so this isn’t the best discount – might be worth seeing if they go cheaper for Black Friday or at Christmas.

Also Spotted: The Quest & The Quest: Fire & Ice is 50% off on Android.

That’s all for this week’s update – seen anything else you liked? Played any of the above? Let us know in the comments!



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