Biz: Apple Rolls Out Subscription Service

By Joe Robinson 06 Sep 2016 0

Apple have rolled out its subscription model for mobile game developers, which they announced back in June (as did Google).

Their new guidelines for the service outline support for a range of subscription related features, such as: 

  • Automatically renewing subscriptions.
  • Tiered pricing levels.
  • Subscriptions that grant access to multiple apps.
  • Keeping existing subscribers on one price while increasing the cost for new subs.

They've also said they will be offering an 85/15 split in revenue share for all users who stay subscribed longer than a year. Prior to that, the revenue follows the standard 70/30 split. This isn't affected by a user moving to a different subscription tier within the same group, but will be affected if you have more than one subscription group and a user moves from one group to another. Free trials, bonus periods and 60-day grace periods also do not count towards the tally.

On the user side, subscriptions are managed through their account settings. Each subscription will have its own set of renewal options.

As notes, it's interesting to see this coming to the App Store now, where generally in gaming subscription models have been replaced with the Free-to-Play structure (just look at what's happened in MMOs).

With visibility getting harder and harder, perhaps this is a way of trying to better monetise what user-base you can secure? Or perhaps F2P is finally hitting the limits of what it can achieve?

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