Black Desert Mobile Is the Best Place to Play Flappy Bird

By Joe Robinson 21 Jan 2020 0

Do you guys remember Flappy Bird? Now that was definitely a craze… I only dabbled in it a bit, but you could see what made it a weird success - simple controls, high skill barriers but low barrier for entry. Getting attention from popular YouTubers helped, of course, but it’s often the simpler titles that are most susceptible to that kind of attention.

I remember when Flappy Bird was pulled from the app store, people were selling their phones and other devices that had the game installed still. Crazy stuff.

If you’re pining for those halcyon days, I’ve got some great news for you - the spirit of Flappy Bird is alive and well within Black Desert Mobile.

Whenever the game needs to download an additional update, you get presented with this screen:

Black Desert Mobile Mini Game

Tapping the button will send you to a download screen with a mini-game embedded within it. You have to guide the Black Spirit through the side-scrolling environment, avoiding obstacles as you go. Hitting certain distance milestones nets you some minor in-game rewards, and if you managed to collect enough gems you gain extra lives. Naturally, the further you go, the quicker the game gets.

Black Desert Mobile Mini Game 2

I’ve tried a number of control tactics - constant presses, tapping, a mix of both… but I’m as good at this mini-game as I was the original Flappy Bird (that is, not great).

You get to play this mini-game every time there’s an update, and judging by the email I just got another sizable one has just landed. This latest update adds Siege Wars for guilds (a new type of PvP activity), as well as the Asura’s Den mini-game. A new class called the Sorceress is also on her way.

Now, that's not to detract from the fact that BDM is also a pretty impressive mobile MMORPG in its own right, but there are worse reasons to try it out than just because there's also an addictive mini-game embedded in the download screen.

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