Board Game of the Year 2017: Race for the Galaxy

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Well well, fancy seeing this game again. It may have only gotten Runner-Up in the Multiplayer GOTY award, but Rio Grande’s excellent port has secured the crown for the year’s best board game. There's been quite a few board game ports this year, so Race for the Galaxy had to fight off some serious competition.

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Matt Thrower’s done a lot of our digital boardgame coverage this year, including Race for the Galaxy. We asked him to comment on this game’s win as well:

It's a stretch to call a card-based tableau builder a board game, but it highlights why it deserves this award: because it feels like one. At the pulsing heart of this galaxy is an economic engine system akin to those in the deepest worker placement titles. Atop it is a much more approachable set of rules and an engaging theme, a real sense of sci-fi civ building. It's the best of all worlds, both in terms of mechanics and where you can classify it in your collection.

If you want to read more about what Matt thought about the game, go and read his 5-Star Review.

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Runner Up: Terra Mystica

Meanwhile, DIGIDICED’s Terra Mystica knabs the runner-up slot in the category. This excellent port released back in April, and while Michael had some reservations about it at the time, it still garnered 4-stars in his review:

Still, this is not the game for the faint of heart. It is an excellent vehicle for thoughtful social experimentation, where players might feel as if they are mutely cultivating immaculate gardens in isolation, but will soon find their hedges overlapping and themselves embroiled in rancorous and internecine arguments. Terra Mystica is challenging and rewarding in equal parts, and the app represents a new way to play a long-standing favorite.

We understand it’s had several updates since launch, so it should have gotten even better by now!

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Staff Picks & Honourable Mentions

Eight-Minute Empire deserves a mention for getting third place, where as the staff vote was pretty much in line with the public feeling. There was only one outlier – Richard was quite taken with the recent re-release of Carcasonne, and so voted for that game in this category.


Congratulations to Rio Grande and Digidiced – hopefully their future conversions will be just as good!

To keep track of all the winners and runner-up’s during the 2017 Awards, please see the 2017 Awards Index Page.



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