Board/Card Game of the Year 2014 Runner-up: BattleLore Command

By Dave Neumann 18 Dec 2014 0
I put a hex on you. I put a hex on you.

We first heard about BattleLore: Command from Fantasy Flight Games back in August and, frankly, we didn’t hear much of anything after that. Thus it was, when it arrived unceremoniously on the Monday before Thanksgiving, we wondered if Fantasy Flight Games might have created a dud. Instead, they helped raise the bar for digital board games this year.

BattleLore: Command takes the much-heralded Commands & Colors system from board game series like Memoir ’44 and C&C Ancients and brings it to the small screen brilliantly, making the best turn-based fantasy wargame we've seen on iOS yet.

Here are the ranged and melee units you’d expect in a fantasy wargame, along with beasts from hell and flying gryphons that will completely change the way to approach the battlefield -- unit diversity takes full advantage of being divorced from the restraints of history. All the great cardplay from the C&C series is here as well, although they altered the rules for digital a bit, reducing the randomness and increasing the strategic decisions of when to use which card, and when to reset your hand.


BattleLore: Command is following what other great board game apps like Galaxy Trucker are doing by including a wonderful single-player campaign that you’ll be playing for a long time. Significant single-player content isn't something we would have expected from a digital board game conversion before, but after this year's releases it will now be the bare minimum expectation in order to meet the standard set by BattleLore and its peers.

On the flip side, the exclusion of any online multiplayer mode is really the only thing that prevented BattleLore: Command from challenging for Board Game of the Year top spot. When that comes in a later patch, as well as the promised expansions, we might have a board game that will never be deleted from my iPad.


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