Bound By Blades is a new Action-RPG currently on Kickstarter, with a free iOS/Android demo you can try

By Joe Robinson 01 Oct 2019 0

It’s nice to get away from the near-flood of free-to-play releases lately to talk about more wholesome mobile games. Kickstarter is not something we’d usually draw too much attention towards, mainly because of the risks inherent in backing something via that platform (plus, their stance on Unions is kind of shitty).

Something just cropped up on there though that you might be interested in that comes with a free demo so that you can try it out for yourself.

Bound by Blades is an Action-RPG inspired by Monster Hunter that has you collecting resources and gear and fighting big bosses on an innovative ‘four-corners’ 2D battlespace. It’s coming to PC, iOS, Android (and even Switch, eventually), and promises to be a premium experience with no IAPs. The developer has also stated they’re not considering store exclusivity either, so it probably won’t show up on Apple Arcade.

If you want to try the game out for yourself, you can either sign-up via Testflight on iOS, or buy grabbing the Android build via

The developer also has a YouTube channel, which already has a handful of development videos giving you further insights into what this game is going to be like and whether it’s for you.

bound by blades combat

There’s only one downside that we can see - the full game isn’t expected to release until September 2022, so you’ll have a fair old while to wait. Backing the $35 tier and upwards nets you two copies of the game at launch, but will also let you play in the Closed Beta whenever that drops.

Let us know what you think of the demo and whether or not you backed it. As always, be aware of the risks associated with backing projects on Kickstarter. We’re not saying you should back this game, we’re just highlighting that it exists and seems interesting.

At the time of writing, it was nearly 20% towards its goal of £24,000, with £4,000 pledged.



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