Bountiful harvest: Two exclusive screenshots of Playdek's Agricola for iOS

By Owen Faraday 21 May 2013 0
Reap what you sow. Bumper crop.

I don't suppose these will require too much preamble: here is the very first look the most anticipated game since Go: Playdek's Agricola for iOS. Very rightfully listed amongst our 2013 most-wanted games, Agricola has been over a year in the works and marks the vaunted developer's first significant departure from the deck-building card games they made their bones with.

I've just hung up from a very interesting hour-long chat with Playdek CEO Joel Goodman, where we talked at length about Agricola's development and Playdek's plans for the near future. That interview will be up here on the site tomorrow but for now, feast your eyes on the shot over there to the right and the one I've buried below the jump.

In true Playdek fashion, Goodman couldn't be pinned down to any particular release date, but barring any 11th hour App Store approvals shenanigans, Agricola shall be upon us very soon.

One more screenshot after the jump -- check back tomorrow for my interview with Joel Goodman and even more screenshots of Agricola. In the meantime, have a read of my interview with Playdek execs Gary Weis and George Rothrock from last month.

Works and days. An easier read than Hesiod.

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