Card-based roguelike/dungeon crawler Solitairica coming to iOS this fall

12 May 2016 4

We first heard of Solitairica way back in September of last year and it instantly became a game to watch for. After all, it's a roguelike/dungeon-crawler that uses a solitaire card game as its base mechanism. Sound like another game I kind of like to anyone else? Also, it's being developed by Righteous Hammer Games, a development house made up of ex-PopCap devs. If PopCap devs know anything, it's how to make an addictive game. I heard from Righteous Hammer's Creative Director, Clint Jorgenson, today with some news about Solitairica, mainly that it's coming to PC on May 31st and will be arriving on iOS this Fall.

Back in September we had a teaser trailer that showed off a little of the gameplay, but today they released a full launch trailer with gameplay being the major focus. The game looks like a lot of fun, but there's also several instances where in-game currency is visible. Don't fret! Solitairica will be a premium title with no IAP in sight. You're wanting it even more now, aren't you? Me too. We'll have to wait a bit, but take a gander at the trailer and enjoy.




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