Card Crawl is Free on iOS and Android for Today only!

By Joe Robinson 31 Oct 2018 0

Tinytouchtales put out some amazing games, and it’s been a pleasure covering their stuff since I’ve been in post here. Card Crawl, which released before my time, is one of the studios’ earlier hits – winning several of our awards in 2015 and generally being a great example of solitaire card games on mobile.

To celebrate Halloween this year, the developers are making the game free. That is, they’re doing a 100% discount on the cost-of-entry to own and play this game in its entirety.

Depending on your platform, this will mean one of two things:

iOS Users

On the Apple Store this is a premium game, so it’s simply had its price removed for the duration of the sale. It’s free to acquire, and you’ll keep it in your library forever.

Android Users

On Google Play, Card Crawl has always been a ‘free’ game in the sense that you could try it out with a limited feature set, and then purchase an IAP to unlock the full game.

You can't discount IAPs on Google Play, it seems, so for the moment the developers have uploaded a new build of the game that unlocks all the content automatically. You don't need to purchase the IAP to get the full game. I imagine they'll swap the builds back around when the promotion ends.

The promotion only lasts today (October 31st) and will tonight, CEST. Android users may be able to take advantage of the deal for a little longer, as the devs will have to manually turn it off tomorrow morning.



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