Card Game of the Year 2017: Through the Ages

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The quality of the digital port of Through the Ages can’t be understated. Not only did it win best multiplayer game, but it’s now also won best card game – and by the largest margin out of all categories as well with 34% of the vote.

Header image courtesy of the fine folks over at Stately Play. Check them out!


It’s certainly proven to be a top game for the year, and Matt Thrower is not even phased by the game’s second award of the year. In fact, he probably thinks the game deserves to win more:

Winning awards for both "card" and "multiplayer" sounds great, but it's not as great as this great game deserves. Billing it as a card game sells short one of the richest simulations and deepest strategy titles around. And bigging up the multiplayer doesn't do justice to the tough AI and boggling array of solo challenges. But then again, this is one of those games so odd yet so brilliant that perhaps no award will ever encapsulate why it deserves one. The fact it's got two should be enough to suggest you should add it to your collection.

Check out his review for more insights into why this is such a top-quality title.

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Runner Up: Card Thief

I honestly expected Tinytouchtales to win this category, given the blinding quality of games they’ve released this year. Still, can’t argue with the public vote, and to get second-place is still pretty good going, given the competition.

card thief header img 1

Released back in March, this was on of the first games Michael Coffer reviewed for us, and he was instantly smitten:

Before playing Card Thief, I was in the pink of health: now, I stand before you ravaged and thoroughly enthralled. I am red-eyed, bleary, wan, and yet grinning ear-to-ear. Sleep is precious to me but commonplace, especially when compared to the advent of a genuine surprise, so when I found the game had surpassed my expectations, high as they were given the studio’s pedigree, it was an easy choice to make. I’ve spent the past days shotgunning the game and can happily report back to you that it has innovated many of Card Crawl’s mechanics and served up a whole new bag of tricks. Suffice to say that Tinytouchtales’s latest is a delight, and well worth your time. It is a definitive entry into the canon of modern solitaire games.

If that’s not a ringing endorsement, then what is? Congratulations on the team!

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Staff Picks and Honourable Mentions

Age of Rivals deserves a mention straight off the bat – it actually tied with Card Thief on votes, but because it only scored 4-Stars I used that as a tie-breaker. Still, incredibly well done, and Roboto Games should be very proud of what they’ve achieved.

The staff were pretty much in line with the voters again this time around, with the top three getting the most votes. There was one outlying nod for Miracle Merchant from Nick, who prefers that game over Card Thief. To be honest, anything Tinytouchtales does is basically gold so if you’re looking for a dev to keep an eye on, it’s them.


As a final honourable mention, the next most voted for game was actually The Elder Scrolls: Legends. This was one of the many Hearthstone-like competitors to emerge this year, and it actually seems to have stuck in the minds of mobile gamers. We haven’t been covering it as much as we could have, but we’ll definitely keep an eye on it going into 2018.

Congratulations to CGE Digital and Tinytouchtales, recognition well deserved.

To keep track of all the winners and runner-up’s during the 2017 Awards, please see the 2017 Awards Index Page.




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