Card/Board Game of the Year 2012 Runner-up: Lost Cities

By Owen Faraday 17 Dec 2012 0
Knizia done right. Expeditious.

They might only have two iOS games in their portfolio, but The Coding Monkeys have already joined the small company of developers whose games I am happy to buy sight-unseen on day one of release. This year's release of Lost Cities is very much the equal of the German studio's 2010 adaptation of Carcassonne - and in some ways it outstrips it. Being a simpler game, Lost Cities is a better fit for asynchronous multiplayer, and it's rendered with such care and polish that it's no wonder that the game was a hair's breadth away from topping the Readers' Choice voting.

It's not just the quality of their apps that make Coding Monkeys so formidable in the world of core iOS gaming -  it's the shrewdness with which they pursue licenses and development partners. Carcassonne and Lost Cities were both highly regarded board games before they were great iOS games, and Lost Cities' highly accomplished art was created none less than the Iconfactory - the legendary design outfit that created interface elements for Windows XP and the Xbox 360.

I asked Martin Pittenauer (one-half of the Coding Monkeys duo) what they had in mind to do next - he said to watch out for more board game adaptations. If it ain't broke..

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