Cardstock chaos: Spaceteam moving to cardboard

By Dave Neumann 28 Sep 2015 0
Ferrous Holospectrum soaked, sir. Ferrous Holospectrum soaked, sir.

Nearly three years after its release, Spaceteam is still one of, if not the, best multiplayer games on mobile. The game is simple as can be: everyone controls a panel of doodads and thingamajigs while announcements flash across the screen telling you which ones to toggle. The trick is that the announcements tell you what to toggle on other players' devices, so games of Spaceteam involve a lot of yelling, screaming, panicking, and a whole lot of fun. While not a lot has changed in Spaceteam since its release, it's now coming to a table near you in a new, cardstock version courtesy of Kickstarter.

Spaceteam is a cooperative card game in which your group is trying to fix a spaceship which makes it a lot like the digital version. This one has a five-minute time limit, however, which makes it a pretty great filler game. The game involves trying to fix malfunctions via the correct combination of cards. So, you have to scream and yell which parts you need with cards flying around the table to get everyone what they need. Within the deck are six "System Go" cards. Find all six before the timer runs out and the team win.

The card game was developed by Henry Smith (developer of the digital version), and a gaggle of other designers like Elan Lee and Matthew Sisson. It sounds different enough from the digital version to warrant a space alongside it, and looks to fit into that short-card-game-filler niche currently occupied by titles such as Love Letter and Coup. The Kickstarter still has 24 days to go, but has already exceeded the funding goal by over $60K, so there's no doubt it's getting made.

Check out the Kickstarter video after the break, and then check out the Kickstarter itself. If you want to check out Spaceteam on iOS Universal or Android, it's free to play with no IAP.

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