Carrier Battles is coming to Android (hopefully)

By Joe Robinson 06 Nov 2018 0

Earlier in the year we (finally) reviewed Carrier Battles 4 Quadacanal, a rare ‘serious’ iOS wargame that throws players into tWW2's Pacific theatre, with gameplay and an aesthetic reminiscent of classic hex-and-counter wargames.

It’s a game that’s gone from strength to strength since releasing in 2016, and it recently went 'Universal' by being made available on iPhones. Now the game is making another big leap – Android!

cb 4 pc KS

Technically, it’s main focus is the jump to PC, but Carrier Battles latest Kickstarter seems to want to offer a wholly revamped experience across all platforms – PC, Android AND iOS. It’s going to have an improved AI, a new snazzy looking map, and you’ll even be able to play a Japanese campaign.

There will also be plenty of new scenarios plucked from the Pacific Theatre between 1941 – 44, including Wake Island and a new ‘What if’ campaign in the Hebrides.

We suggest checking out the Kickstarter page in full if you’re interested in supporting the game, and there’s also our review. At the time of writing, the project was at £4,300 out of a goal of £17,500, with 32 days to go.



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