Castles of Mad King Ludwig Due to Arrive Tomorrow

23 May 2016 12

A week ago we learned that Jeremiah Maher, the developer of the digital port of Ted Alspach's The Castles of Mad King Ludwig, would be submitting the app to Apple some time during the week. Using our finely tuned knowledge of how the App Store operates--a knowledge that has been refined and polished from years of experience--we predicted it would arrive in 2-3 weeks. Over the weekend we learned it would be arriving tomorrow. The prognosticators have been sacked.

Castles of Mad King Ludwig is a sequel of sorts to the very popular city-building game, Suburbia. Instead of constructing a bustling metropolis you're cobbling together a castle out of spare rooms and corridors. There's also an added mechanism in which one player is the Master Builder and gets to set the prices of the available rooms, setting the MSRP of what your opponents need at Everest levels, while keeping those things you need at Death Valley prices. Of course, it could all backfire when they decide they like that cheap thing, even though it doesn't help them that much, leaving you with useless rooms and a price you can't afford. 

Castles of Mad King Ludwig will have pass-and-play multiplayer and AI for solo play. It will also have a 15-scenario solo campaign, each one based on an actual castle in Germany. Some of the scenarios are solo affairs in which you're trying to meet certain objectives, while others will have you battling the AI to be the first to accomplish a goal. There's also a 9-scenario tutorial campaign where each step along the path will teach you a new concept about the game.

The Castles of Mad King Ludwig will be available tomorrow for both iOS and Android and it will run $7 on both. 


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