Chainsaw Warrior escapes onto the App Store

By Owen Faraday 23 Sep 2013 0
Should have just called an Uber. I told you not to take the FDR at this hour.

Chainsaw Warrior, the Games Workshop board game (totally-not-based-on-Escape From New York-where-did-you-even-get-that-idea) is out on the App Store right this very second. This is an iOS Universal conversion of the long out-of-print GW game that has you fighting your way through a future Manhattan that has been infested with monsters from hell, or another dimension, or Jersey City or something.

This was a solitaire board game back in the day and it remains so: Chainsaw Warrior is a single-player race against the clock to close the portal and save New York. I haven't played it yet, but my expectations are high.

This is a return to his roots for developer Tomas Rawlings, who many will recognise from his Game The News games about Syria and the war on drugs. But Rawlings got his App Store start with Lovecraftian squad tactical game Call of Cthulhu : The Wasted Land, a game that I thought was pretty darn good. I'm sure his next offering will be another serious one, but I hope it isn't too long until Rawlings gives us some more unspeakable Eldritch monstrosities.

Chainsaw Warrior is five bucks -- the trailer awaits you below.

Hat-tip to John S.

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